How To Get 1000 Instagram Followers

How to get 1000 Instagram followers has never been easier than before back a few years ago. I share 5 Instagram cheats that I use daily to grow my first 10k Instagram followers, and I’m really happy about it and now I want to share with you.

In this guide, I’ll go over how to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 1 minute or how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

…whether you can still achieve them.

Share some of my daily routine Instagram cheats on how to get more followers on Instagram fast.

Ultimate Instagram banned that you need to avoid.

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What Happens When You Get 1000 Instagram Followers?

When you get 1000 followers on Instagram, you allow yourself to grow and make money on Instagram easier.

My biggest mistake was only learning and obsessed with how to get 1000 Instagram followers.

Like they said, you can’t deposit followers into your bank account, bank account only accept money.

…if you have 10k followers, make money on Instagram can even be easier.

If you have 1000 followers on Instagram might not be a huge number, but with the proper communication, you shouldn’t have problems making money on Instagram with even 100 followers.

5 Cheats How to Get 1000 Instagram Followers

How to get 1000 Instagram followers with these 5 Instagram cheats that I used day in day out to grow my Instagram page on 0 to 10,000 followers in 30-day.

Combin – Hashtags Growing Followers.


This summarize and collect all most recent and active post while with people that pay close attention to their followers and likes.

As you can set the filter in the top right corner.

You’re search for a specific Instagram hashtags that you can rank for on Instagram and add the hashtags to Combin.

With the filter, when you engage with Instagram posts that are in this hashtags, you’ll increase the number of real engaging followers…

…not just followers that don’t engage.

I made a post on best Instagram automation tools sharing what tools that are still working now and tools that doesn’t work.

Combin is one of the tool I use to grow my Instagram page @earthvessle due to its narrow focus into finding the most active

…and engaging users that it’s worth my time to engage with to get a follow from them easier.

TailwindApp – #1 Tool on How to Get 1000 Instagram Followers.


TailwindApp is an approved third-party by Instagram. You’re safe to use it and they even have a certified with Instagram.

This app is more popular towards Pinterest for getting Pinterest traffic, they’re also great for Instagram…

…it is the best tool on how to get 1000 Instagram followers or even more.

They allow you to schedule the post and what’s better?

  • They’ll also pick the best time that could extract the most Instagram engagement out of hashtags, when you post, you’re increasing the chance of getting rank on the 9 spots.

Click here to get started for free.

Likes People Instagram Comments

Instagram put a heart right next to other people comment for a reason.

…if you’re surprised by this or never heard of this.

Because no one is paying attention to liking other people Instagram comments,

…that means when you like people comments, you’re raise a great awareness to other people.

That means, you’ll be getting more followers by doing that.

Why do you think people pay for all the app for all the fake likes and followers?

Now, when you like people comment, you need to have great content ready in your profile

…that’s why I wrote this on article explain on how you can grow your Instagram followers even if Instagram hide likes.

One of the primary methods I use to grow 10,000 Instagram followers is liking people comments.

Do this throughout the day, you’ll notice a tremendous increase in your followers.

What’s best?

It’s easy to do, just tap the Instagram heart.

SnapSocial – Social Media Followers Growth


In my previous Instagram blog posts, I mentioned you can’t just rely on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to make money online.

One of the horrible experience is waking up to see your social media account gets banned.

Apart from that, most social media site doesn’t allow you to post a link to their platform.

That gives you a reason to start a blog, with a blog you can get free traffic Google traffic, then leverage that opportunity to grow your social media profiles.

That’s where SnapSocial comes in.

When people visit your blog, they can share your blog post with easier, and they have a plugin to invite people to follow your Instagram account.

Not just Instagram, but also Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.

That means learning how to start a blog and ask your readers to follow you contribute a huge factor on how to get 1000 Instagram followers.



This is a free app on how to get 1000 Instagram followers that you can repost your own photos or any photos the intriguing your interest.

All you need to do is copy the link of the Instagram image that you want to repost,

…paste it into the app and they’ll even copy the caption for you

then, optional to add the contribution to the post.

You could either have it in the Instagram image or provide a photo credit to the original owners.

What’s the best part of Regrammer?

It’s free.

That’s it – these are the 5 Instagram cheats that I use to grow my page all the way to 10k Instagram followers.

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FAQs – How to Get 1000 Instagram Followers.

Should you Buy Instagram Followers?

Planning to get Instagram followers app would be the biggest mistake, buying followers on an Instagram account, let say you have 1,000 followers, and when you make an Instagram post, no one likes it. – Continue Reading…

Is That Mean you Have to Buy Instagram Likes?

Thinking to get Instagram followers app or even buy fake likes on Instagram is not sustainable and it’s not a way to grow on Instagram which lead to an account banned. – Continue Reading…

How To get 100 Instagram Followers in 1 minute or 5 minutes?

To get 1000 followers on Instagram 1 minute or 5 minutes the only way to buys fake followers and fake likes. I was able to achieve 1000 followers on Instagram, the shortest time in 7-day. Unless you have an Instagram account that with big number of followers that give you a shout-out, getting 1000 followers on Instagram is 5 minutes is achievable. – Continue Reading…

How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast?

Get followers on Instagram fast can be done through paid promotions via shout-outs, not running advertising through the paid platform. I’ve seen promoted posts with thousands of likes and after checking days, it has no increase in number of followers.

How Long Does it Take to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram?

7-day minimum to get 1000 followers on Instagram, depends on strategy use and consistency on using the account. Another faster way to get followers is through paid shout-out through Instagram influencers, not paid advertising.

Is 1000 Followers on Instagram a lot?

Yes, if you plan to make money on Facebook, as they’re only allow 5,000 Facebook friends. When coming to make money on Instagram with Clickbank, you could have unlimited amount of Instagram followers, that means you can make money on Instagram than Facebook and 1000 followers on Instagram is a lot.

How many Instagram Followers Do you Need to Get Verified?

At least 10k Instagram followers to get verified unless you’re an authority person like a singer or already a popular social media influencer from YouTube or Facebook, etc.

Can Instagram pay you?

Instagram couldn’t pay you from using their platform. However, I make an article here how many followers to make money on Instagram in 2 main ways – using those ways to make money on Instagram instead of having Instagram pay unlike YouTube.

Why my Instagram followers are decreasing?

Your Instagram follower are decreasing because you’re posting consistently or if you buy fake followers. If you buy fake followers, even if you post consistently, your fake Instagram followers will also decrease.

How many Instagram followers do I need to make money?

There are 2 types of account I mentioned that people can make money on Instagram. If you have 100 – 1000 followers, you’re going to apply a different method or if you have 10k Instagram followers, there will be a different method – click here to read more.