How To Get 100 Instagram Followers Free (Best Hack)

How to get 100 Instagram followers free can never be easier, absolutely free 100 Instagram followers you need.

I’m sure you’ve seen people getting 100k followers within 24 hours, let alone 100 followers in 5 minutes,


In this blog post, you’ll learn how to prepare your Instagram profile,

the correct ways to get more followers without action blocked on Instagram and shadowban.

Ultimately, set everything on automation.

Just a heads up: Before getting into this blog post, 100 followers in 1 minute for free requires experience,

also depends on how well you follow this guide.

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How To Get 100 Followers on Instagram in 1 Minute for Free

Pick Your Niche Ideas

Having a niche is so important before you’re learning how to get 100 Instagram followers in 5 minutes.

As you already know.

Instagram has over billions of monthly active users, by posting anything and everything won’t turn those strangers from hashtags into followers.

If you choose the girls niche which is the hottest right now, you have to post about girls on every single Instagram posts.

  • Never post from girl, to car, to money, etc. Just girl if you choose the girl niche.

In this blog post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I shared everything you need to know and how to find your own niche.

No tricks.

Instagram Username Ideas

After you got your Instagram niche ideas, now it’s about your Instagram username ideas – I shared an important hack you need to know about your username ideas.

Btw… stop looking for for fake 200 Instagram followers free trial or something like 1000 free Instagram followers trial.


one of them IG tips would be…

  • If you’re in the girl niche, you don’t have to pick a username that has the word girl in it.

In fact, you have to be sure your Instagram username ideas is available across all social media platforms.

While you’re trying to get more Instagram followers, what you didn’t know is…

…you’re building a brand as well.

that’s why your username ideas are important.

Instagram Profile Picture

If you look at the most popular Instagram profile in the travel niche @earthpix


You’re probably think having an Instagram profile picture likes earthpix would help nowadays?


Travel, it is one of the hardest niche to grow followers, without putting a proper IG profile picture will just make growing even harder.

The truth…

You can put anything in your profile picture, but

  • Would you rather push people to recognize your brand, your logo?

Or would you rather push your followers to remember a random photo?


Put a logo as your profile picture, or something that represent your brand.

Complete your Instagram BIO

Next, complete your Instagram bio before you’re trying to post anything on the page or trying on how to get 100 Instagram in 1 minute.

In this blog post Instagram Bio Ideas: 199+ Best Ideas to Get More Followers – I share all the best practice and how to build focus…

…when a stranger from hashtags visit your profile, your page has the most chance to convert them into a follower.

It’s important that you share this blog post before reading it.

An important IG feature that would push people thinking you’re a spammer that has everything to do you with your Instagram link in bio.


Link in Bio

This is the only place you can make money on Instagram and where people can find out what you do to pay you.

In fact, when you’re trying on how to get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute by having a link in bio…

…you’d notice Instagram is kind of rewards you with less organic reach.

  • If you haven’t get to 5k followers or 10k followers, your engagement would still be weak to get more followers at the same time promoting your services.

I recommend avoid putting the link in bio for now.

Now, after you setup everything it’s time for the main event of this blog post…

Optimization on How to Get 100 Instagram Followers Fast


After you have your Instagram niche ideas,

  • Username
  • Profile picture
  • Instagram bio
  • Link in bio

It’s time to just focus on this blog post What to Post on Instagram for Likes, Followers, Money? #1 Best Guide share this before reading.

Instead of wasting time editing the bio, changing links, change different name ideas, et.

In that blog post, you’ll find whether you should be posting carousel, photo, IG story, video, etc. to get the most followers.

  • One of the important IG tips that I have never mentioned: You’d never see a page that posting randomly from carousel to photo, then videos, IG story, etc…

That give your page looks quite disorganize and discouraging stranger from hashtags to follow you.

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Use Instagram Automation Tools

An important hack on how to get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute is leveraging Instagram automation tools that are Partnered with Instagram, not bots.

Speaking of automation tools,

You need to leverage them so you can set your IG page on automation mode without touching your page for 365/24/7 while you can make money elsewhere apart from the IG app.

  • Never try to make money by focus on 1 social media platform but at least spend your time to work somewhere else which I’ll be getting into.

As you don’t have any control when using social media, you never know which violations you did that you wake up the next day and get banned.

Which is the most painful feeling ever.


Checkout Ingramer for free.

Next after you set your IG page on autopilot….

Instagram Hashtags Generator

Next is incorporate hashtags to get more impressions and likes.

  • Never using random hashtags generator or anything that’s free.

I explained why in this blog post Instagram Hashtags Generator: Best Guide to 1000 Followers.

As you might know, there are banned hashtags while more and more active users are getting on this social media platform that…

…coming up with random hashtags that violate the term of service.

That means,

When you use those hashtags, you’d immediately trigger action blocked or shadowban Instagram.

Now it’s time for gaining followers. I’m talking about 100 engaging followers, not buying followers using Instagram bots.

But let’s talk about that a little bit when you’re thinking to buy Instagram followers. There’s a secret benefit to it…

Buy Instagram Followers VS Buy Instagram Likes.

First of all, don’t even think about buy Instagram followers if you buy, you can easily get your first 1000 followers in 1 minute, not 100…

…and none of them are real followers.

But did you know?

Buying followers is better than buying Instagram likes and has a trick that help you make even more money on Instagram.

But if you buy likes

Nothing in return you can get.

I hope you this clear up your mind a little bit on buying followers and likes.

But next, the #1 trick on how to get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute.

Instagram Promotion

This is the number #1 trick on how to get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute but if you didn’t know…

…Instagram has different types of promotions and one of the method would cost you thousands of dollars while getting no followers in return.

In this blog post Instagram Promotion: How to Get 100k Followers on IG? – I shared everything you need to know,

But without wasting your time,

  • the #1 money waster on how to get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute is using Instagram advertising – you can only use it via the Facebook advertising platform.

Another method of IG promotion is using influencers which I shared in blog post I linked to you above, check it out before leveraging influencers.

Next it’s automation time…

How to Get 100 Instagram Followers, Externally.

As mentioned earlier about being banned without having control, when you’re trying on how to hack Instagram to get 1000 followers, or how to get 100 Instagram followers in 5 minutes or 1 minute, knows that…

Instagram is a social media platform so as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Instead of focusing on 1 social media platform, have it on automation and focus on a different way on how to hack Instagram to get 1000 followers.

I’m not talking about another social media platform, I’m talking about how to start a blog.

With a blog, you have more control regardless if it’s travel blog or any blog. By having a blog allows you get 100 Instagram followers in 1 minute easily.

Not just 100, 1000 is doable by asking your readers to follower you on Instagram @earthvessle.


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Getting more followers on Instagram can never be easier.

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