How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram? Simple Method.

20 People is the maximum number of people you can tag on Instagram. I explained why, how to avoid getting banned and then how I grow my 10k followers without spamming on Instagram, and the right way to use Instagram tagging and that is how many people can you tag on Instagram.

Instagram as you know is getting more and more strict on using their social media platforms.

If you take many actions on Instagram, you’ll be getting Instagram action blocked

…many times like that will get your banned.

Creating a new Instagram nowadays is not easy, as they already reached 1 billion active monthly users.

Without properly using Instagram features to grow your page, you’re taking a huge risk.

But let dive right to the meat!

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What is tagging on Instagram?

Tagging on Instagram is used for keep a connection between you and your followers, between people.

By manipulating the feature for your own benefits is not a way to grow your first 10k followers or even make money on Instagram.

It is a feature for Instagram to be aware of the relationship between your account and your friends.

Most people tagging other Instagram pages with hope in mind, that they will like or comment or even follow their own page.

But this is the biggest mistake to use that trigger Instagram spam filter.

Avoid Spamming When you use Tag on Instagram

When I first started,

I listened to advice from people that sell fake Instagram likes – in this post best app for Instagram likes, I explained whether you should still be using it or not.

They told me to tag all the people into your Instagram post until you cannot tag any more.

…after growing my page to 10k Instagram followers, I didn’t use any tagging except when I first get started like in 1k followers and I got shadow banned quite often.

If Instagram limits 20 people you can tag,

…and you tag 20 people on every single post you make,

you’re triggering Instagram spam filter.

Nobody knows the Instagram spam filter, but you’d experience a huge drop in your engagement to almost zero.

Or what worst? 

It’s getting that shadow ban and receiving Instagram action blocked.

So to open your understanding… next,

The Reason Instagram Limits How Many People You Can Tag

Since I haven’t been using Instagram tagging, and depends on your account followers size, your tagging might be limited differently

Like you can only tag 10 people, but account with 10k Instagram followers can tag 20 people.

But keep in mind, there is a limit

…because Instagram knows you’ll be using it to grow your followers.

But is that an effective way to grow your Instagram followers using Instagram tag?


 and yes, I still receiving notification on people keep tagging my account every single day.

If my account has only 10k Instagram followers, tagging pages with 100 followers or pages with less than 10k followers is not a way to continue growing your account,


But If I tag an Instagram account 20k or 1 million,

…they’d totally ignored my page.

so do you think Instagram tagging is a great way to grow your follower?

For me, yes, if you know what to do,

and that

…is what we’re going to getting into next to grow your Instagram followers.

And btw… tagging on Instagram doesn’t help with make money on Instagram either, I wrote an article how you can make money off Instagram with 100 followers

…and tagging people is not the method I’d shared.

I personally use tagging on Instagram with a different purpose, next…

Best Practice for using Tag on Instagram

It doesn’t matter how many Instagram tagging is allow you to use,

you should never be maxing out the number of tag you can make on Instagram.

Although tagging on Instagram is one of the methods I use to grow my Instagram page, but I never use it every single day back then.

When to use it?

Once every 2 – 3 days and change it up like once ever 2 days, or once ever 3 days to

…avoid Instagram notice you’re spamming the platform.

Don’t just use tagging just with the hope to get a like and comments or even a follow.

But you can tag on Instagram for follower growth.

Well you already you can only tag 20 people, right?

Would you rather tag 20 people or receive an additional 20k impression on your Instagram post?

Tagging is a worst way to grow instead of using hashtags, in this post Instagram Hashtags for Followers and Likes: 100 Followers, 1000 Likes – I shared the exact method how you can use those hashtags to grow your profile.


Is that mean you shouldn’t be using tagging to grow your Instagram profile?


In fact, you don’t want to miss out any Instagram features to grow your followers that brings us to the next question…

Can you Tag on Instagram for Followers?

Yes, this method allows my page to get a least 1k impression per post when I my Instagram account was smaller.

Growing upwards 70k+ impression per post these days.

How did I do that?

Well, I didn’t want to get banned, shadow banned, or Instagram action blocked,

So what I was only tagging people that actually likes the photo.

For the best result, I asked a few buddies to help me out with this.

For best result, if people that you asked have a larger page than you, your photo will receive more impressions.

Keep in mind, tagging people on Instagram is just one of growing strategy.

Growing followers on Instagram is not important unless you make money on Instagram.

In this post how do people make money on Instagram? – I shared 2 ways that Instagram account with 100 followers can make money if you haven’t reached 10k followers.

If you didn’t know…

Tagging on Instagram to get Big Pages to Like

My biggest mistake when I was tagging people on Instagram,

…is to tag big pages and put the usernames on top of each other like this,


The wrong way to tag

If you look at the photo on the right, if you have a page with 100k followers and your followers trying to get your attention by doing that.

How would you feel?

Yes, they do get a tagging notification but they’re not going to like or comment on your photo.

Next, take a look at the photo on the left…

The right way to tag on Instagram

If you spread Instagram tag out, big pages will increase the chance of getting the big pages to like and comment on your photo.


To maximize your tagging on Instagram.

If you tag too many people at once, even if you spread them out like the photo on the left,

The attention is not quite focused.

I’d suggest to tag 1-page that you like not just for 1-day and try it for a month,

Big pages will at least give you a quick follower back like for 7-day,

That will bring a big different to your page.


I hope you like some of the tips I shared for growing your Instagram followers to your 10k Instagram followers.

Keep in mind that tagging is not as strong as using hashtags.

If you want to learn more about tagging I explained in this post how many hashtags does Instagram allows – 5, 6, 10 or 11? – check it out.