How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow – 5, 6, 10 or 11?


How many hashtags does Instagram allow, is it 31?

30 Instagram hashtags is maxed you can use. There’s a debate on you should be using less 30 hashtags, some uses 5 or 6, other saying using 11 for best engagement. But I found there are different phases you should use not 5,6 or 11?

When I first started, I thought hashtags looking spammy and I shouldn’t be using it.

Today, hashtags bring in upwards from 20,000 impressions per Instagram post that I made.

Isn’t that amazing?

I’m going to share how you should be using hashtags the correct which I learn from this free IG book.

That I believe you’ll be beneficial from as well.

First let go through the from the beginning…


How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow?

 In total, you can use up to 45 Instagram hashtags,

… 30 hashtags per Instagram post and another 15 hashtags on your Instagram story.

Everyone can you use 30 hashtags and 15 Instagram story hashtags,

…but the question is

how can you grow your Instagram followers using hashtags?

…on my Instagram page @earthvessle, I found the number of hashtags that works best for myself is around 15 – 20 hashtags.

What do I mean by that?

Remember, I focus on how many followers I gain per Instagram post?

I’m actually growing around 10 – 15 new Instagram followers and more if I’m lucky to get the Instagram post goes viral.

But if you have a new Instagram page.

  • How many hashtags does Instagram allow? You want to use all 30 hashtags not 5, 6 or 11, 10 or 15.

The biggest mistake new Instagram pages trying to grow is always concerning how many Instagram hashtags should they be using…

They Google a few times on Instagram hashtags

…then to end up doing nothing or jump onto a different social media platform.

But if you’re serious about make money on Instagram, I’d definitely recommend using my number one recommended tools

…for finding Instagram hashtags called SocialInfo,

Best Hashtags Generator for How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow.

they’ll analyze your Instagram page and prepare different Instagram hashtags sets based on your account status or how random your IG page status is that Instagram put you in.

…then later on, when you analyze your account, with the numbers of Instagram follower growths using the first few sets of hashtags generated,

to continue generate a higher relevancy Instagram hashtags so you can increase your post impressions to get even more Instagram followers.

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Assumed you found your Instagram hashtags sets right?


Instagram Hashtags in Comments or Caption

This is another confusing question that is related to how many hashtags does Instagram allow which I had when I first started…

…without the IG book, I think I’d still be confusing today and not able to grow my Instagram followers.

In my opinion, it doesn’t help with growing you Instagram followers at all and that’s why it doesn’t matter much too me.

However, when you place Instagram hashtags in the comments

…you’re making your Instagram post cleaner and less spammy.

When you have your Instagram post clean and organized,

…you’re more likely to get more followers.

That means you’re adding hashtags to Instagram after posting, if you have a small Instagram account,

…posting comment after post will delay the potential of your Instagram post to rank and get Instagram likes.

Next, the biggest mistake people make…

How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow: Own a Hashtag on Instagram.

Apart from knowing how many hashtag does Instagram allow? You might not want to create your own hashtags


Instagram monthly active users is 1 billion, if even harder to create a new account.

That’s one reason.

You can get Instagram shadow ban when you try to create your own hashtags

I remember that when I got ban from create my own hashtags #earthvessle on Instagram.

I couldn’t use hashtags for a few months which I had to use a new account.

Now, it’s different since you can’t create a new Instagram account and when you have many Instagram accounts

…switching between Instagram, they will ban all the accounts.

That’s why…

If you’re new to Instagram, do not own a hashtag on Instagram too soon until you reached 10k Instagram followers.

I wrote this post on how many followers to make money on Instagram – sharing 2 methods that you can make money even if you have 100 followers.

Next adding multiple hashtags on Instagram Story…

How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow on Story.

Always be getting the most exposure from Instagram hashtags is key.

  • Add 30 hashtags to your Instagram post.
  • Add another 15 hashtags to your Instagram story post.

How do you add 15 hashtags to your Instagram story when they only allow 1 hashtag?

Before I didn’t know you can add multiple hashtags in your Instagram story either.

Now, you can add hashtags without looking spammy.


Simply put 15 Instagram hashtags to your story as a text form,

…then zoom the text to as small as possible.

To find out how many hashtags you can actually use:

Paste 30 hashtags into the text and see if any hashtags don’t have the underline

…remove them.

That will give you the current numbers of Instagram hashtags that allow you to use.

If you want to learn more about money-making hashtags – get my free IG book.

How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow: 3 Top Hashtags Instagram Cheats.

One of the biggest hashtag Instagram cheats is something that I missed out when I was growing my page.

If I were using it, I could grow my Instagram page even faster using hashtags.

In fact, this hashtags method will allow to you to grow your Instagram followers without following people

Identify your niche hashtags

and follow at least 10 of the hashtags.

In this post Instagram niche ideas: 8 profitable niches of all time – I shared how you can find your profitable niche and when you found it come back to this post to apply the hashtags strategy shared in this post.

Follow Hashtags with Mix

What do I mean by that?

You don’t to just follow all hashtags with 10 million post volumes, instead follow hashtags with different volume size.

Although Instagram post volume has big number but that doesn’t mean all of the people will be active using the hashtags.

The number is accumulated since the hashtags created.

Like and Comments on Hashtags you Followed

After you know you niche hashtags, follow them, now it’s time to get more followers to Instagram.

This is one of my favorite to get Instagram followers.

By likes and comment on your hashtags you followed. You should gradually seeing the number of Instagram followers increased.

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How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow – Conclusions.

If you didn’t know about Instagram horror story or social media in general.

You don’t have control over it at all.

What’s worst thing happen is waking up with an account ban or Instagram decides to lower the reach of your account.

You can’t even make money at all.

To solve it is have a blog.

Learn how to start a travel blog – the best place for make money online replacing your time on social media on a blog instead.

You can’t place as many affiliate links as you want not just one link in bio.

With that said,

Have a great day,

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