How Does Instagram Make Money? #1 Best Explained.

How does Instagram make money is advertising, exactly like Facebook. However, Facebook overall derived about 93% revenue from ads which converted to $3.59 billion, a 53% increase from the previous year, what’s more…

How Instagram Makes Money off you will shock you since they know every single move you’re trying to make.

If you think that’s not fair and thinking about anti-Instagram.

Don’t be.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how they make money off you and you can turn it around,

Make money off Instagram, easily.

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Advertising on Instagram

If you didn’t know Instagram is also acquired by Facebook for $1 billion dollar.

Before Instagram, Facebook is making 98% of advertising revenue and continue growing as they bought Instagram.

Chart: earthvessle Source Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report – How Does Instagram Make Money.
  • This graph is showing a fluctuation based on different category, an example would be the retail category is growing +29% whereas Travel category is tremendously drop by -79%

…and they’re changing every year, and also based a vast number of category available on Instagram and Facebook.

That’s all you should be aware of as you and I do not run Instagram or Facebook.

Now that you know how Instagram makes money, it’s time to find out how Instagram makes money off you by being creative.

  • As you’re making Instagram posts and Facebook status, you’d be thinking that’s a fun thing to be a part of.

Anything you found it’s fun on Instagram, or even if you download the app right from point A to Z, you and I have been tracked.

Next let’s see how they track you specifically…

Instagram and Facebook Tracking You.

To grow these billions number of active users on the platform, they’d have to know if you like money, then they find a way to give you money.

You might be wondering how does Instagram make money, have you thoughts of these questions.

  • How does Instagram know about me? they know everything about you.
  • How does Instagram know what ads to show you? Any move that you make from liking, commenting, viewing posts how many seconds on the app Instagram, etc.
  • Does Instagram track your searches? Yep.

If you’re freaked out…

Don’t be.

  • Just like if we want to get a girlfriend, or getting thousands of followers or millions of followers, there’d need to be strategy in place…

…you have to know what strangers from hashtags like, then they’ll follow you.

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For example, all the blog posts I wrote about Instagram that you can read.

Now, next important piece…

How You Can Make Money Off Instagram.

How does Instagram make money which allow you to make money off Instagram is the same thing as you’re making Instagram posts.

Instead of spending time to take photo and post it on the platform as a hobby.

Consistently share that type of photo.

While you making posts, the fastest way to make money on Instagram without followers is having at least 100 followers.

Then apply the method I used to make money on Facebook to Instagram as you can accumulate more followers unlike only 5000 Facebook friends limit.

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How Does Instagram Make Money – Conclusions.

I hope you understand the main way on how does Instagram make money. The number way is through advertising.

At the end of the day, I’d still recommend to make money is having a blog, learn how to start a blog.

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