Heal Worldwide Reviews: Is it the #1 BIG Scam?

Heal Worldwide review or Discover heal is one of the top MLM companies that give you and everybody a chance to make money online or create an extra side hustle for themselves and their family.

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the term MLM which is multi-level marketing where only the top earner understand how the business work.

  • Just a head up, I am also a part of the Heal company.

In this Heal Worldwide reviews guide and if you’re new to online business, you’ll learn everything in this blog post.

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Heal Worldwide or Discover Heal

What is Heal Worldwide or What is Discover heal?

Although the company gives you have a confusing first impression, but they are also known as Discover Heal and it is the same company.


If you Google search the company, it could either be…

  • Heal Worldwide: You’ll be land their Heal store front.
  • Discover Heal: You’ll see their marketing system login for Heal marketers.


Discover Heal chose to be in the health industry by having a few basic health products which might be able to expand into in the future,

  • which at the same time, they need more funds to do that.

That’s why…

They need you to be a part of their company,

and unlike any previous MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Usana, EmpowerNetwork, Digital Altitude etc.

  • Majority of leaders just focus into recruiting you into their companies while continue paying recurring products fees and ignore teaching you how to make money.

Some of the companies above have been shut down or got sued, due to horrible experience people in their company.

But Discover Heal is different, the company founder himself would teach you how to make money and you can ignore leaders or top earners that have ZERO responsibility which they still are in Discover Heal.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

Who is Behind This MLM Company? Paolo Beringuel or Stephen Munson.

Paolo Beringuel known as the ClickBank teacher who is also a part of the discover heal and HealandEarn….

…but he is not the founder of Heal.

Stephen Munson, a former Empower Network promoter, now a founder of Dicover Heal.


Unlike other MLM companies, he actually teaches people in their company how to make money on Facebook which…

…I take it to the next level applying his Facebook course to help people make money on Instagram with 100 followers.

Muson also has his mother as a co-founder under a nickname called Lala which today, also a part of the Discover Heal MLM company.

Empower Netwoks gifting MLM type went at hell 2017 and Munson was promoting it on Stage. Also, Stephen was with DS Domination another dropshipping scheme, getting newbie into the game.

But don’t get disappointed yet!

Now let’s talk about their products!

Discover Heal Worldwide Products

Discover Heal products are great, but majority of people would be more involved with their digital products, you’ll find out why…

I won’t be sharing the price of these products due to Heal changes their product prices base on how many members they acquired which is the same thing all MLM companies do.

Tangible Products


Health/Apparel Heal Products Line: Heal has a health product line as their front ends supplement and their apparel line. However, Stephen Muson focuses into their marketing more. Therefore, there will be constant update on the digital products.

Digital Products


Digital Heal Product Lines: These are video courses lessons, and I’m an affiliate of the product called BigProfileProfits which you can see at my resources page and that is where I got my lessons on how to make money on Facebook and turn it over to make money on Instagram.


Facebook only allow to make money with 5000 friends and when you’re no more room for new friends you have to unfriend them where you can get more Instagram followers without limits, that means make money on Instagram without limits.

Heal Worldwide Compensation Plan

Keep in mind most people would be joining Heal Worldwide to learn how to make an extra side income and they have a Facebook course works perfectly.

Another point is that, to get paid on any of the products, you’ll need to be the owner of the product yourself.

If you’re new reading this guide, I recommend you the Facebook course using your free Facebook profile to make money.

But here’s…

Video Explained.

Non-Video Explained: Killer Method Revealed!


  • It’s free to join while you can be a Heal VIP for $49.95, unless you already know or study the Facebook course and know how to recruit people then you’d purchase this to build your recurring income.

If you’re not a Heal VIP, you can also earn by purchasing one of their one-time fee products and that’d be the Facebook course.

Should You Join This MLM Company, Discover Heal?

Should you be joining Heal Worldwide, if you want an extra side income and want to know how to make money online or make money on Instagram with 100 followers, then you could get started with the Facebook profile to become an affiliate of the course.

As you soon as you’re able to get your skills improved with the Facebook, and know how to get paid as an affiliate of the course.

It’s great become active be on all of Heal Worldwide. products.


That’s all you need to know about MLM companies, as long as you don’t spend your money or any recurring fee without knowing what to do…

…you’re great to be a part of the travel community.

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