Ghost Followers on Instagram: The #1 Definitive Guide.

Ghost followers on Instagram is nothing that most people wasting their time and concerning about them.

Instead they need to leverage ghost followers to build authority for themselves then so to make money on Instagram is just going to get easier.

In this blog post, I’ll share everything with you about it and the best way to handle fake followers that don’t help you get likes.

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What Are Instagram Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers on Instagram is people that do not likes and comment on your Instagram page.

Even if you have 100k followers on Instagram, they just don’t like and watch or trying to scare you at all.

A normal ghost would be trying to scare but this ghost won’t be scaring you.

  • Ghost followers are the same as inactive followers on Instagram.

 Most people think they are different, but nope they are the same.

Both inactive followers and ghost followers, they ignore you completely regardless how many Instagram posts you make.


How can I see my ghost followers

You don’t need any tricks or massive skills to see your ghost followers but the number #1 way to see them is to get one of the apps below,


please ignore the text which I used in this blog post: Instagram Stalkers: 10 Best Insta Stalker Apps That Work.

But yes, they will help you find those ghost followers but it’s not free.

Access to one of these Insta stalker apps, you’d have to give away your username and password login to Instagram and click authorize access.

or Use HypeAuditor located at my resources page in the menu, you’ll find that tool there.

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram

This is a big mistake people make…

  • trying to remove ghost followers on Instagram instead of focusing on getting more active followers.

Why I say that?

After getting over 100k followers, Instagram decides to lower my page reach from 1% to 5% and that’s only like 1000 likes per Instagram post.

Are the rest going to be ghost out or become inactive followers?

So instead of removing ghost followers, focus on get REAL followers on Instagram without removing them.

What’s better?

Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers

Having ghost followers is one of the advantages to make money that show people you have the authority, so to make money on Instagram will going to be easier.

Although I mentioned 100 followers…

  • you don’t have to wait until you reach 1k, 10k, 100k followers then to make money.

After you have those ghost followers, it’s important to get your 100 to 1000 likes so when you apply the method in my recommended Facebook course people won’t spot you have ghost followers.

Before getting more likes you need REAL followers first…

Preventing Ghost Followers on Instagram.

Let’s say you completely do not want ghost followers on Instagram you can remove it easily but it takes a lot of your time.

  • Imagine you have a page of 5k followers and regardless if they’re ghost followers or fake inactive followers.
  • It’d be a wasted of time to remove them.

but if you still want to remove…

Remove Followers

You can use one of the features on Instagram mentioned in this blog post new Instargam update… it looks like this


Simply click remove followers if any of them do not like or comment on your Instagram posts.

  • Do not go too fast, or you’ll get action blocked and shadowban.

3 Tips to Get REAL Followers on Instagram.

Enjoy this free Instagram tips, just a quick recap…

You don’t need to remove ghost followers and just keep using this blog information at or 3 ultimate tips below…

Use Hashtags Generator for Instagram

Most people underestimate hashtags because hashtags don’t give them 100k followers immediately when they use them.

You simply cannot get 100k followers and you should be happy if they even give you a little traction to get more followers.

  • Next, do not use free hashtags generator.


Instagram is expanding their banned hashtags daily, if you use free hashtags generator without a real person updating the apps or tools, you’ll risk to using them those banned hashtags…

…and you’d experience problem like action blocked and shadowbanned.

I recommend one of the tool below…

Leverage Instagram Post Scheduler

To get more followers, you simply need to post on a consistent basis.

I’m talking about good content with 7 – 8 times a day and imagine you spend time on research viral post on Instagram and you have to post in a good time interval…

…it’d take a lot of your time.

That’s one of the reasons to leverage my current recommended Instagram post scheduler, TailwindApp. – it is a certified and partner with Instagram, you are safe to use.

Get Real Followers, Externally.

I’m sure you want to more followers and get real followers on Instagram to eventually make money.

Imagine, they ban you for no reasons with millions of followers or lower your page reach to 0.1%!

  • Instead of putting all your egg into one basket.

Learn how to start a blog and ask your blog readers to follow you on Instagram and instead of manipulating their platform to risk for a permanent ban.

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