11+ Best Instagram Scheduler App You Need – Free

Free Instagram scheduler works best for being more productive and faster growing your Instagram page.


Most people only grow their Instagram account within the app, but neglect about getting more followers from other social media platforms or their blog.

These are Instagram partnerships verified and safe for you to use, you won’t get banned from Instagram using these tools.

Some Instagram schedulers are mobile app and free desktop friendly.

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Schedule Instagram Posts Free: Comparison of The Top Instagram Scheduling Tools

Best Instagram Scheduler and Free Instagram Scheduling App Platform Features Free Price
Ingramer Desktop version All-in-once Instagram tool, free Instagram scheduling app and #1 Instagram scheduler for avoiding forgetting cancel subscriptions. It’s also a free Instagram story scheduler. Available Free.
TailWindApp Desktop version Smart scheduler, posting Instagram hashtags in the first comment, mass rotation. Available Free and Starting $9.99 Monthly.
Combin Desktop version Instagram stories posting, hashtags engagement tracking, bulk image uploading hashtags management. Available Free.
SEMRush Desktop version Auto-posting, advance Instagram scheduler, advanced detailed account performance for fast growth. Available Free and Starting $99 Monthly.
SkedSocial Desktop version Advanced Instagram analytics, visual social media and Instagram planner, more… Available Free and Starting at $25 Monthly.
OnlyPult Desktop version Instagram Image and video editor, post deletion and operating multiple account at once. Available Free and Starting at $10 Monthly.
ViralTag Desktop version Auto publishing, multiple social media managements, and republishing top performing content. Available Free and Starting at $24 Monthly.
IconoSquare Desktop version Managing and posting content all across multiple social media platforms. Available Free and Starting at $29 Monthly

Top Detailed Reviewed of Free Instagram Scheduler That Grow My 10k Followers

After a few Instagram actions blocked, I’m scared and skeptical if these scheduler tools actually allow to use at all.

But yep, you need to know these…

There are 2 types of free Instagram post scheduler, one is verified with Instagram and Instagram partnership.

Others illegal Instagram scheduling tools that will either get your Instagram account with actions blocked or get your account banned.

Especially all the best Instagram automation tools I mentioned in that post, some still can use to grow followers fast and some that you do not want to use as others keep saying its working that’s why I need to share them even if they’re the best Instagram automation tools in the past.

To know if these Instagram schedulers are verified…

  1. They’ve been on the market for 5 years.
  2. Instagram Schedulers company will tell you like photo below.

Top #1 Benefit Using Free Instagram Scheduler App

Instagram scheduler app is important if you truly want to grow your online business in extraordinary results.

With all these Instagram scheduler, you can literally and massively drive a mass number of your traffic and grow your account following with even having to touch any of your of your social media account.

The best is that…

Although these are the free Instagram scheduler but some of them allow you to pay less while managing unlimited number of social media profiles.

For example: scheduling Twitter tweets and schedule Instagram posts for 365 days on autopilot.


There is so many great scheduler software you can use, but I’ll share the #1 Instagram scheduler with you that allows you to do anything and everything.

What’s more?

Now just growing 1 Instagram account to 100k followers, but multiple, multiple Instagram account to 100k followers as well and again,

without touching your page and setting it on run on autopilot. Have a look,

According to this chart, Facebook stands number #1 that all online businesses use, but Instagram stands 3rd which also the #1 growing social platform you should strongly focus on.

Detailed Review on All Free Instagram Scheduler App

1. Ingramer

Let’s start off with the best app to schedule Instagram posts, Ingramer. – The free IG scheduler you need.

If you’ve been wondering how to schedule Instagram posts on phone, check out how this post can help you with.

Ingramer is not just a schedule Instagram posts free desktop or one of those typical free schedulers, but it’s also an all-in-once tool that allows me to get unlimited followers by using the most well analyzed hashtags.

As you can see, If you look at the photo above, you can have all the tool in one place.

I remember I had to subscribe and pay monthly to each of the Instagram features I need to get 100k followers. But that is the Instagram scheduling platform you need.


When you’re using different Instagram tools from different companies to manage your Instagram account when you don’t need it anymore, you might be forgetting to cancel your subscriptions and they automatically continue to charge you money.

For example,

Not just for this tool, but from many tools as well.

Again with Ingramer, it is the ultimate all-in-once tool that you need to get started to day.

Click here to try out your free Instagram post scheduler.

2. TailwindApp

Tailwind works best with Pinterest and when I first started with them didn’t know they also collaborate with Instagram.

It’s also Instagram partner.

What’s best about them? It’s free to get started while it is one of the best apps to schedule instagram posts.

An amazing tool that I use to schedule all my post for 365-days and they have access to your page analytics and pick the best time that you should be posting for more Instagram followers.

You can also schedule Instagram post for free on desktop and finding hashtags for your Instagram page.

You don’t need a credit card to get started with Tailwind scheduler tool, all you need is an email to get started.

What’s better?

They provide updates on what you should be doing and not to do to avoid getting banned or trigger the spam filter.

Their community within the scheduler platform, they have a community called Tailwind tribe, the people in there will share support with each other to help with growing your Instagram account.

Click here to get started for free.

3. Combin Scheduler

They have 2 services, their growth service and their schedule posting service.

I have not use their growth service but I mentioned the safety as long as they use human to grow for you you’re safe, but that’s a different topic – some human isn’t great at growing at all.

But their scheduling tool is great,

Not just scheduling and picking the best time based on your profile they have a hidden feature for hashtags not just to scheduling post, but growing your Instagram followers as well.

If you’re plan on convenient and money conservative, Combin is great for free IG scheduler along with their Instagram hashtags feature.

After you get started my recommended hashtags analyzers, you’ll then take the hashtags add them into Combin,

Along with your free scheduler, you’re hitting the big win.

Instead of using Combin, check out Ingramer which has even more features than Combin.

SEMRush Social Scheduler

SEMRush is more for bigger Instagram pages at anywhere above 10k followers+ for more effective growth.

If you’re currently running a large company with 2 or more people, SEMRush is the best scheduler you need.

In a moment, I’ll share how you can make money off SEMRush and get it pay for itself and it absolutely free.

But here is the top advantage for using SEMRush Social Media, you literally leverage the visual content calendar and schedule one of your Instagram posts to all across different social media platforms.

Here’s the main event,

If you’re not able to use these mass number of social profile, you can literally manage other small businesses social profile in exchange for a small cost or free to get started.


SocialBee has this amazing evergreen posting, as you’re posting so frequently on social media

…you don’t have to always be creating new content, but instead you can reschedule using this scheduler to Instagram.

This tool is not just an IG scheduler, they also provide so many services that you should check out like producing content for you as well.

If you’re posting on Facebook, you can choose where you can post the content from Facebook to other platforms and either add automatically or not to the scheduler.


SkedSocial is another great tool but it missed one of the most important Instagram features compare is missing that hashtags finder.

But they have what others scheduler app don’t have.

That’d be not just IG scheduler but also link in bio and it is all in one place.

What’s better?

It’s an absolutely visual platform that will sky-rock your creativity and as you already know…

…being creative on Instagram is one of the best ways to get more followers fast.

Definitely another great free IG scheduler app that to use if found the #1 tool I mentioned earlier.

Instead of getting started with SkedSocial, try Ingramer instead.


IconoSquare is dedicated more towards your Instagram insights and providing visual customizable and measurement of your Instagram content. But it’s also a free Instagram scheduler app.

Not just an IG scheduler, but it’s also provide great visual that all you need to do is simply drag-and-drop your prepared content…

…if you’d like to have a better Instagram theme ideas of your Instagram page,

you can also leverage the content calendar to simply drag-and-drop your content to fit in perfect with your Instagram page.

What’s better?

You can manage multiple profile from your dashboard, and here’s the recent updates that’s apart from the #2 scheduler I mentioned earlier…

…IconoSquare also has this feature as well.

For placing Instagram hashtags in the first comment on autopilot which you don’t have to wait for the auto post to published then, go on to add hashtags into it.


ViralTag has one of the biggest benefits that allows you skip all the hard-work 10x better.


Let’s find out.

ViralTag apart from the free scheduler, you can also recycle your own post for an extraordinary exposure as your Instagram followers already seen your old post.


If you recycle your old post too soon, you can expect a lost in engagement which you should only recycle your Instagram within 3+ months old.

Yes, ViralTag is also a scheduler you need and it’s available worldwide and it’s free to use.

What’s more?

You can collaborate with other Instagram users and they are big and small businesses that are using ViralTag which will be going to collaborate with you…

…without having to build your own Instagram engagement group to banned by Instagram.


Loomly suggests post ideas are what best for content creator like you and I, the content that they suggest you to share is incredible.

…we as a content creator common problem is experience with content blocked, simply have no ideas what to post next.

After that, not just post content, but they improve your content before even posting so you’d become more expert in your field before scheduler on Instagram.

Next post mockup on the scheduler, you can preview you’re the look before posting such as if the image is not on point, you can fix it before putting on display.

Although they’re none mobile app scheduler, but you can manage up to 25 social media accounts for free.

Loomly Instagram works best if you have social media marketing agency, you could have a meeting and start manage how your team could growth.

The advance analytics in this scheduler is way allow you to track your social media accounts performance as a whole and grow using available data.

Buffer Instagram

Buffer used to on Twitter and Facebook, but due to limited reach on Facebook, they’re moving towards Instagram for scheduling content.

If you visit their site, most of Buffer Instagram emphasize strongly towards only Instagram but they also allow you to schedule with other social media platforms.

They have a clean designed and keeping the scheduler platform to a minimalist design unlike other schedulers.

Buffer focuses strong towards the best time of posting and even dedicates the entire business towards picking the best time to post for their client social media accounts.

If you post using buffer, you could potentially see a faster Instagram followers growth.

Btw… it’s a schedule Instagram posts free on desktop.

If you haven’t been using Ingramer, check it out today.


Another great free Instagram scheduler app you need to know.

OnlyPult is a social media focus out of all the above scheduler, they even have WordPress which is the #1 CMS platform that I use to get over 100k visitors to this blog.

They have so many social media platforms that other don’t have.

But here’s a thing,

You when a software trying their best to be everything, it’s most likely going to be hard for them to be great at something especially when they focus on too many social media platforms at once.

Unlike #1 tool where they only and specifically focus on a single social media platform which is Instagram and have almost so many Instagram features you need and it’s all-in-once place.

But if you need to set automation for many social media pages, it’s definitely worth it to give OnlyPult a try or I’d more preferably Ingramer.

Later Instagram Scheduler

Later focuses into 4 platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

It is similar to Buffer, they emphasize more into Instagram and it is an Instagram partner which all of these are schedulers above are.

You can plan and schedule all your Instagram post, for in 20-minutes and simply drop-and-drop to organize the look of your Instagram feed.

What’s best about this?

You can access your photos, videos, and schedule them from the cloud.

Most people talk about their Instagram theme, since they have the drag-and-drop feature, you’ll be clearly see how your Instagram feed will look like while scheduling your post.

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There are many free Instagram scheduler app and they allow you to schedule Instagram posts for free on desktop or mobile and that’s great.

Knowing how to use them is important.

I hope you found the combination tricks that I shared with you helpful.

Be sure to share this post on social media and join the free updates.

FAQs – Free Instagram Scheduler.

Can you schedule posts on Instagram for free?

Can you schedule Instagram posts in advanced? – Yes, you can schedule for free. I have listed all the free Instagram scheduler that you can use and not just scheduler, but they also have other features like hashtags finder, etc.

What is the best free Instagram scheduler?

The best free Instagram scheduler is tools I’m currently. I showed you how to combine those two for growing your Instagram followers.

How can I track my Instagram followers for free?

These free Instagram schedulers also allow you to track your Instagram followers for free, unlike Instagram analytics in your phone, you’ll find more information using third-party free Instagram scheduler.

Can you set up automatic posts on Instagram?

Yes, you can set up automatic posts on Instagram using these Instagram scheduler, and you can preplan them and schedule your Instagram post for the entire year, that’d allow you to have more time to work on other social media platforms.

What is the best Instagram scheduler?

The best Instagram scheduler is the 2 social media tools that I’m using and shared in this post. Apart from having just a scheduler, you can use the hashtags to feature and trick that I shared with you… combine them, to grow your Instagram followers.

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