Build Email List For Free on Facebook: 10k Emails Subscribers.

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Build Email List For Free on Facebook is free and simple, I’m talking the free one your Facebook profile.

If you only leveraging Facebook or Instagram to build your business, you’re limiting your ability to reach out to more people, business opportunity.

With the latest Social Media updates, if you take too many actions on the platform, you’ll be prompted with, action blocks… could be all the way from 24-hours to 7-days.

So start building an email list today, like-minded people that interested in you or potentially want to work with you, they’ll give you the email address.

I’ll be sharing a killer method with you that everybody uses, but they missed, the list.



Email List For Free with Facebook: Your First 10k Subscribers via FB/Instagram.


Never spread yourself too thin, going outta build your list with 2 platforms… which I’m doing right now and you’ll be feeling extremely overwhelmed, just pick one and grow your online present like my Instagram profile.

Disclaimer: Please note this blog post might content affiliate links. When you purchase recommended hosting using my Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate me which helps make this blog free of charge to you.


Build a following of people they engaging on your content before approach for them email.


These are some ideas on whatta post… assuming you’re onto Personal Branding, no niche specifically:

  • Personal development message combined with your beautiful photos.
  • Travel Photo combined with sharing a story
  • Motivational quotes
  • Selfies.

Facebook Posts For Engagement: Share the Love.

Before even trying to build your email list for free, build your likes to 50+ so when you talk to them, in their eyes… you have a little more authority.

To grow engagement on content:

  • Like & comments on other posts
  • When you reach 50+ likes
  • Before removing inactive people that don’t engage, send them a pitch to see if they’re open-minded to your business opportunity.

After building your likes, share your business idea with them and qualify them to see if they have the money for what you’re selling.

Build your Email list for free: Before Sharing Your Link.

  • Sending a greeting message
  • Ask to see what they do
  • Find out if they do what you do
  • If they have room for what you do or in other words, if they “open-minded” to see your offer.
  • Talk to more people daily: If yes, then to send them a link and follow-up later. If no, ask them “can I be the first person to assist you when you look for KangenWater?” ask another question “can I send you the info, when you think of it, it’s right there to see?”

Move forwards with people that say yes… sending them a link,

Before moving on the next phase which sets your routine into automation and get unlimited email address…

…the previous method I mention needs a quite a bit of practice and I recommend the course I took called Big Profile Profits that teaches how to get paid when you have at least 100 Facebook likes while most people getting 330 likes without making a sense..


Build a landing page using my affiliate link through ClickFunnels at my resources page, it’s super easy to build… starting by pick an available sample template to make your changes from there, it should look something like this…



After you qualified them, send them a link and share what you can do for them when they join your team.

Wait for a few days to follow-up to ask to see if they walk through the funnel… one-time is enough for people that don’t put them email in.

For people that, do put in their email… follow-up with them until they give up on themselves.

If you personally reach out to them, your page conversion is above 60% to 100% regardless which landing page style you’re working with.


Next tool is my affiliate link to Aweber which is an autoresponder you also need, they specialize in sending auto-follow-up message series. More importantly, your emails don’t send into the spam folder.

Depends on your list size, the bigger the list, the more abundant you can be, which you allow you to pitch harder. But for starting out, it should look something like this:

  • Email 1: About yourself
  • Email 2: Share content without a link
  • Email 3: Share content with a link
  • Email 4: Share content with a link.
  • and so on…

Follow-up with your tribe creatively using the above tools or even create video content like FightMediocrity or TheInfographicShow YouTube videos using Toonly, don’t box yourself into only Facebook Messenger.

Finally, rinse & repeat the process shared on this post to grow your subscribers to a thousand plus or ten thousand.

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Build Email List For Free on Facebook Conclusions.

Congratulations! You made it up to here, also depends on if your product price is high, we call it high ticket products, like what I’m selling the Enagic, Kangen machine which ranging from $2k to $5k… you’ll have to talk to a lot of people.

Bottom line to this post, don’t spread yourself too thin… trying to build 2 platforms at once which you’d probably give up on yourself before you even trying to get out of your 9-to-5.

I hope you like the content that I shared.

Share this post on your Facebook wall, leave a comment below, and if you like more content like this, definitely join the free updates.

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