Does Instagram Pay You? Make Them Pay, #1 Best Guide

Does Instagram pay you? Quick answer: It doesn’t pay you for followers, but your followers will pay you instead. Unlike YouTube, they will pay you for views, and IGTV on Instagram will be paying people for creating video for them. That means, Instagram will pay you per view for creating Video on IGTV.

Good to be seeing you here and soon to get pay. 

I’ll share 2-methods that you can make Instagram pay you and also get paid from IGTV.

If you haven’t heard of IGTV going to pay that’s what I’ll be explaining in this Instagram blog post.

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Let’s get right in to it.

Does Instagram Pay You & Why?

Due to Instagram ad revenue is not as huge as Google ad revenue, Instagram simply don’t find a reason to pay their users for followers.

But, don’t get disappointed

…soon Instagram IGTV will pay you that’s like YouTube, isn’t that exciting?

I’ll get into that later down this Instagram blog post.

Another reason why Instagram not paying you is the value of a follower is low,

…that’s why you can see a lot of people spamming with these best Instagram automation tools to grow your Instagram page (Read that post to find which fews automation tools is still work to avoid banned on Instagram.)

Does Instagram Pay You? Make them…

I mentioned YouTube will pay and Instagram doesn’t, but getting a YouTube subscribers is 10 times harder getting an Instagram followers.

You have to invest $400 – $500 on camera equipment to make a video so you get the subscribers where you can just use a phone to take a photo on Instagram and getting anywhere around 10 – 100 new followers per day and your followers will pay you instead.

There tons of ways to make money on Instagram,

…the biggest mistake is thinking you have to have 10k followers to make money

but no.

That’s why I wrote this post how to make money on intagram with Clickbank – you don’t even need a website to get pay on Instagram,

…but open that article in a new tab, and keep reading how you IG will pay you.

Below is the 2-ways you can make money on Instagram.

Does Instagram Pay You: 2 Ways to Make Money from your IG Followers.

Not just 2 ways to make money from IG, but I categorize them into 2 main ways how you’re going to make money on it.

First way is to get pay on Instagram like you’re working at 9-to-5, you have to be present to bring home the money.

Second way is get pay recurring using Instagram while you can still work at your 9-to-5… like a side income.

Keep in mind, the more Instagram followers you have the more and faster you can get pay.

But never think that you need 100000 Instagram followers to make money, no.

In fact, if you read this post Make Money Off Instagram With 100 Instagram Followers – yes you’re can get pay as soon as you have 100 followers.

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Does Instagram Pay You: #1 Reason Instagram IGTV will Pay You.

Because they don’t pay you, that’s also why they are not the #1 social media platform, but YouTube is still standing strong.

…due to TikTok is also raising, there are more competition for Instagram. In fact, most people thinking Tiktok will take over Instagram

Instagram wants to win as well as we want to get pay and doesn’t want Tiktok to take over.

Since they haven’t never pay you for followers unlike YouTube, they’ll going to pay you for something else…

…so you’re as an Instagrammer is more exciting to use Instagram and get pay.

But don’t wait for Instagram to pay you…

Instead you make your Instagram followers to pay you!

How Instagram IGTV going to Pay you?

Does Instagram pay you? IGTV will…

Just like how YouTube will be going to pay you, and Instagram will just do the same thing to encourage more people to use Instagram.

Take a look at what people say about on how Instagram will pay you,


Just like YouTube, Instagram pay you by place ads on IGTV as people click on the advertising.

As this Instagram feature rolls out with their current 1 billion monthly active user compare to Tiktok with 300 million monthly active users and you can’t make money with Tiktok,

…you can guess that people trying to make money from TikTok, will come back and work on Instagram and make Instagram pay them.

That’s still come down to, if you don’t have Instagram followers, nobody will view your IGTV and make money on Instagram is also difficult,


As this IGTV is not roles out yet, now it’s time to grow your Instagram followers so you can immediately make money when you have enough followers.

Immediately start using IGTV on Instagram and also get approved and qualified to monetize your IGTV video, and that’s answered the question does Instagram pay for you for followers? And the answer is yes.

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Does Instagram Pay You for Followers? – Conclusions.

After this ultimate guide, I believe now you know you don’t have to wait for Instagram to pay you but you can make your followers pay you instaed.

Isn’t that a more exciting experience on IG?

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