Best 4+ Steps How to Sell on Instagram DM

Direct messages on Instagram is the best feature for connecting with your friends, for business to grow your sales revenues, leads and drive traffic.

Yes, this feature helps with make money on Instagram easier.

Use the table of content to find all the tips and tricks on Instagram with DM online.

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What is Instagram DM?

Instagram DM is a communication tool allows you to interact with the IG community.

It’s also a tool similar to Facebook Messenger, but this communication tool is on the Instagram app itself.

You can both generate an income using the Messenger and IG Direct Messages.

  • With Facebook, you’re limited to only 5,000 Facebook friends.

But you could potentially accumulate millions of followers without having to removing friends and make more IG money.


Misusing this feature could also resulting problems to your account grow towards the future as well which I shared what you need to know below.

It is also the best method to generate an income which I’ll be detailed sharing all the steps you need, next.

4+ Steps How To Sell on Instagram DM

These 3 steps are straight forwards on how you can exactly and successfully sell on Instagram using the direct messages and if you haven’t got your niche, it’s important you need.

In fact, this is the exact method that you can be leveraging to make money on IG fast but it’s definitely not scalable.

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Step 1: Have your Niche First

This is important.

Instagram is so large that you can’t be posting about anything and everything.

In this photo, this person shares that they are a writer and they are picking writing as a niche which is too big.


Instead they need a niche like what they are writing about such as writing about make money online, affiliate marketing, etc.

I shared all the niches you need here, but to keep it short…

…know what your niche is.

My niche is a travel niche.

Let’s get into the steps on how to sell on Instagram DM.

Step 2: Pick Your Main Revenue Generating Activity

Yes, knowing your revenue generating activity is key.

In other words,

What are you selling?

In this blog post Instagram money methods, I shared different ways you can choose to make money on Instagram.

If you have no ideas, or don’t know what to sell on Instagram.

Starting with Instagram affiliate marketing is key.

  • You don’t need a website. Yes, how to sell on Instagram without a website.
  • No writing
  • No recording

The best part about how to sell on Instagram for free.

It’s absolutely free and it’s available worldwide.

With affiliate marketing, you get paid directly straight into your PayPal account.

If you’ve been asking how to sell on Instagram with PayPal, you can do this with affiliate marketing as well.

In fact, PayPal is just payment method to negotiate any Instagram deals.

You can easily join an affiliate program in ClickBank.

In fact, I shared a detailed guide how you can leverage affiliate with IG, step-by-step using this wining affiliate model below this blog post.


Here are the simple steps to get your affiliate program:

  1. Sign-up to free ClickBank account.
  2. Click on Market Place.
  3. Tab on the search button without typing anything to find out all the top selling products.
  4. Click promote and use TapLink to insert your affiliate link inside.

Do not put affiliate link on your Instagram to avoid banned.

Step 3: Fine Tune Your Instagram Profile

Before even getting into how to sell on Instagram DM, it’s important to set up your Instagram profile before direct message people.

People won’t trust a blank profile with nothing in it.


1. Grow your Followers

It’s important to avoid buying fake followers and likes.

  • Implement all these followers cheat to get your first 100, 1000, 10000, 100k followers which I’m sharing with you all the steps you need.

Without followers, just like when you look at a business profile with 0 – 1000 followers and it would just turn you off.


when you buy fake engagement and people look at profile 1M followers and only 10 likes would also turn people off.

Keep in mind,

Buying fake followers trying to hyped up people It’s not the only way to grow.

In fact,

You can grow a following easily and generate $1000 with it.

Step 4: Manage Your Direct Messages on Instagram

Start selling on Instagram using the direct message.


According to this winning affiliate model,


It’s important to collect other people email address so you can automatically follow-up with your potential customer later if they didn’t buy your product for the first time seeing it.


I have this problem thinking that I needed to DM 1000 people at the same time, but you’d get action blocked and banned.

But you don’t.

  • All you need is setup a routine of DM 50 – 100 people daily which is quite aggressive that might get you action blocked but it depends on your experience overtime.


When decided to learn how to sell on Instagram DM, you’ll notice…

…you won’t be able to catch up with all the messages.

What’s worst?

Instagram is deleting direct message that are 60-days old.

That means,

You won’t be able to find the old message.

But thanks to this automation tool, Ingramer.


You can manage all your direct messages into one place.

The best part is…

You can input your potential customer contact information into your contact list using Ingramer for free.

Instagram with DM Online

Direct messages on Instagram can never be easier.

Remember when IG only available as a mobile app?

It’s terrible, nothing was online while speaking of the design of the app platform, the recent design looks amazing.

Instagram with DM online is much easier today, you can filter messages to either primary or general for less important messages.


Instagram direct online is now available and for any computer, laptop, and some browser like Chrome.

When coming to make money on Instagram, get start using this feature online makes it 10x easier.

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FAQs. – How To Sell on Instagram DM

How to View Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer?

Instagram direct message on laptop, Instagram messages for Mac or Windows, Linux, etc. as long as you have Google Chrome Installed, you can use this feature to direct messages on Instagram.

Install latest Google Chrome here – check the latest Instagram direct messages on chrome next.


Instagram Direct Messages on Chrome – Download Here!

You can download the latest working Chrome extension that will allow access Instagram with DM online and yes…

…they have the same features as the one on your mobile app but missed one feature though.


These developers were able to pull out the code of the IG app to the online version, online chrome extension.

There are tons of direct messages Chrome extensions, you need to look for the one that has the most users and with great reviews.

  • Speaking of Instagram Messages login – you’d need to install the extension first and login as usual at home page.
  • And click on the extension and you’d see something like this!


You’re safe using this plugin without getting your account disabled on Instagram but there’s one problem as mentioned when comes to…

How to View Old Direct Messages on Instagram Without Scrolling?

With latest new Instagram update, they limited how many DM you check and scrolling back however one of the tricks you can use is the search bar inside your phone,

Not on the Chrome extension and this is what the app developer would be working on to input the search bar.

But if you want to view old DM online,

You have to use the search bar inside your Instagram app.