Direct Messages on Instagram: #1 Good Guide to DM Online.

Direct messages on Instagram is the best feature for connecting with your friends or business partner…

…and yes,

This feature helps with make money on Instagram,


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Instagram With DM Online

Direct messages on Instagram can’t never be easier.

Remember when IG only available as a mobile app?

  • It’s terrible, nothing was online while speaking of the design of the app platform, the recent design looks amazing.

Instagram with DM online is much easier today, you can filter messages to either primary or general for less important messages.


Instagram direct online is now available and for any computer, laptop, and some browser like Chrome.

When coming to make money on Instagram, get start using this feature online makes it 10x easier.

How to View Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer?

Instagram direct message on laptop, Instagram messages for Mac or Windows, Linux, etc. as long as you have Google Chrome Installed, you can use this feature to direct messages on Instagram.

Install latest Google Chrome here – check the latest Instagram direct messages on chrome next.


Instagram Direct Messages on Chrome – Download Here!

You can download the latest working Chrome extension that will allow access Instagram with DM online and yes…

…they have the same features as the one on your mobile app but missed one feature though.


These developers were able to pull out the code of the IG app to the online version, online chrome extension.

There are tons of direct messages Chrome extensions, you need to look for the one that has the most users and with great reviews.

  • Speaking of Instagram Messages login – you’d need to install the extension first and login as usual at home page.
  • And click on the extension and you’d see something like this!


You’re safe using this plugin without getting your account disabled on Instagram but there’s one problem as mentioned when comes to…

How to View Old Direct Messages on Instagram Without Scrolling?

With latest new Instagram update, they limited how many DM you check and scrolling back however one of the tricks you can use is the search bar inside your phone,

Not on the Chrome extension and this is what the app developer would be working on to input the search bar.

But if you want to view old DM online,

  • You have to use the search bar inside your Instagram app.

Did You Know You Can Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers using IG DM?


Most people use Instagram for fun and as hobbies, but they forget to add something on top of it…

…that’s to make money as well.

The method can never easier than ever…

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model where you just share an affiliate link with your friends without having to buy stocks, inventory, without a website, or blog.

Because you already love to use the Instagram with DM online, I’m sure you already messaging so many friends that’s why you even need an desktop version for the IG DM.


you just help your friends, family members, etc. without wasting each other time spending on Instagram.

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