Create My Own Instagram Hashtags without Shadowbanned.

Create my own Instagram hashtags was struggle, and I regreted it… I’ll tell you why in a second so you don’t make the same mistake like I do.

Most people following big Instagram pages and see they have their own hashtag,

that’s definitely give you a unique feeling being on Instagram.



In this one, I’ll share an ultimate guide with you on getting that hashtag you want without Instagram action blocked or go against their policy.

Unlike the old Instagram, the new has over billions of users which a lot of people trying to get their own hashtag as well, not just you.

The competition and quality management is there Instagram will take control on.

Before dive in the meat, Pin this Instagram post on Pinterest, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, with your next Instagram use #earthvessle to be featured on my page…

…that’s my own hashtag.

Are you ready?

Let get it.

Why Create a hashtag on Instagram?

I’ll share one top reason you need to create your own hashtags unlike random experts giving you random reasons while their Instagram page is not even 100 followers.

This is the reason…

Hashtag likes #travel created to organized people. People nowadays and even I am recommending you to use Instagram hashtags to grow.

That means… people knows hashtags works with growing their followers, that’s why you need to create one for people to use your own hashtag.

If you have a blog or Instagram page, people immediately knows you and getting more followers is 10x easier.

Now when you have your own hashtag and yourself posting on that, unlike when you’re using random one, you’ll get promoted to the top spots easily.

But you don’t just create a hashtag and people will use, you need to do like me… I always ask you to use #earthvessle on Instagram and that’s what you want to do when you want to create your own Instagram hashtag.

Check this out Instagram hashtags for followers for how to use it effectively.

Next, let get in the how you can create your own…

How do I create my own hashtag?

Creating a hashtag is simple if you do it like myself just use #yourinstagramname, it’s easy right? But it’s harder to grow this way.


Because nobody knows that hashtag even existed. That’s why I gather all the information to help you create your own hashtags using 2 quick tips below…

2 Tips on how can create your own hashtag

Keywords in your hashtag

You need to know what your niche on Instagram already before using that keyword.

Let say you’re in a weight loss Instagram niche, you might to use #keyword+yourname…

…when people in the health category wants to use Instagram hashtags, they search for it.

You have a higher chance of people selecting your own hashtag for themselves.

In oppose, if you use #yourcompanyname like #mynamjeff… if nobody knows, nobody is going to search for it.

Keep hashtag short

Three words max on your own hashtag is what you aiming for. Some word like #instagrammarketingsecrets

…it is three words, but it’s still a pretty long Instagram hashtag.

To keep it simple on create your own hashtag, keep it short (that’s the idea).

Check this post on Tailwind Hashtag Finder Review: #1 Top Ig Growth.

7 Quick Tips to Create a hashtag

Follow-up with the above 2 tips, these are the 7 quick tips while you’re getting your own hashtag.

When people want to own hashtag is because of branding purposes, and you’re getting for your brand and growing your followers as well,

so it’s important to keep that I need to put these IG tips in:

  • is it short?
  • is it unique?
  • does it look good?
  • is it catchy?
  • does it represent your brand?
  • is it simple to remember yet not obvious and boring?
  • does it encourage people to use it?

Helpful Blog Posts:

Next, it’s the dangerous phase that you need to know about create your own hashtags…

Create My Own Instagram Hashtags – When!

This part is important that I need to share with you earlier but I’m building a group of people that actually want to read my Instagram hashtags tips, and if you do share this post on Twitter.

that’s why I’m sharing with you about creating your own Instagram hashtag

…and what happen to the #earthvessle?

Just like you I was excited about getting my own hashtag and I thought it was simple but,

while I was using 30 hashtags daily and all of sudden I don’t get any more followers for a month.

Check this trick in how to get followers on Instagram without following? – share this post on Twitter and finish this post before reading that post.

  • Here’s the key thing create your own hashtag: Instagram has a list of banned hashtags and they’re taking care of your hashtags management.

If they see a new hashtag is used on Instagram, they need to check it.

That’s why the hashtag #earthvessle can only be used after 30-days.

But don’t worry… next is checking…

Check If My Hashtag works

After creating your own Instagram hashtag, it’s time to see if its working or not.

This is simple… you can simply use hashtag you just created

…and post in your next Instagram post and visit the hashtags on mobile or if it’s desktop it looks like this,


As you can see people are starting to use my hashtags and your new hashtag needs time for people to find.

You see the top post section in the hashtag, If you post your Instagram photo on #earthvessle, as long as I don’t post, you can rank at the top easily.


That’s why you gotta checkout the next section about your own Instagram hashtags…

Effective ways to grow your own hashtag.

Earlier this post, I shared a trick how you can grow your own hashtag. This is a more in-depth section to that.

An additional trick to grow your hashtag is using the concept of multi-channel of marketing, don’t just use Instagram to grow it (check out next secret…)

  • As I’m sharing this IG tips… you remember earlier I asked you to use #earthvessle which is my own hashtags?
  • And I also told you that I don’t post on my own hashtags to give other a chance to stay in top 9 spot,


The more hashtags you can rank in the top 9 spots of Instagram, your grade improve, take a look at the photo below…


That’s grade is designed for Instagram, they’re calculated based on other Instagram accounts in combine,

and it is not visible on the Instagram platform.

If better account is doing well than you and has higher grade than you, that gives you a range on how to improve your Instagram page.

This is an Instagram page that I should be working with to improve my own hashtags on Instagram,


Now, juicy IG hashtag tip right? – join my free updates for more surprises.

Getting followers from your own Instagram Hashtag.

If you didn’t know, getting followers from your own hashtag is way easier than using some random hashtags that you been using.


People have seen your Instagram page many times, and it’s time to follow your page on that hashtags is like a switch of turning on the light.

  • You remember a secret I mentioned with in the above tips on using multi-channel to grow your Instagram followers and your own hashtag.

I share this Instagram tips on a blog and that’s why when you have a blog it’s easier to promote instead of spamming on Instagram features and risking for banned on its platform.

This is the article how to start a blog? – exception to this post on create my own hashtag.

I mentioned the word travel due to my travel Instagram page, but the process to create a blog or start a blog is the same.

Create My Own Instagram Hashtags without Shadow Banned – Conclusions

Well I hope you already share this Instagram post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram using #earthvessle to be feature on my IG page @earthvessle.

and you should already know when you should be creating your own Instagram hashtag and that’s an important part to avoid getting Instagram action blocked or shadow banned.

With that said,

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