Can You Monetize a Wix Blog? I shared everything…

Yes, you can monetize a Wix Blog as a blogger but limited features and under controlled by the company. They can cancel your blog at anytime, if you violate company policy, even with a small mistake and you can have a custom domain with Wix but your blog is still under controlled by the company and expensive to even get started to monetize your Wix blog.

Disclaimer: This post is for your own benefits as a blogger and no point intended to be sharing any negative information about Wix, thank you.

Monetize a Wix blog is the moment when you’re start making money online as a blogger, that’s excited!

But did you know they can cancel your blog at anytime they wish to?

Before you even start to monetize your Wix blog, speaking of the trust factor, it’s not trust-worthy for a blogger to even make money if you’re using a free Wix site.

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Expensive Blogging Platform for Blogger

if you go to Wix login and at their pricing you’ll see this,


The cheapest plan is $4.50 per month with only 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage.


That’s way so expensive for a blogger that this earthvessle blog you’re reading right now with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage and it’s only $2.95 a month.

As a Wix blogger or blogger, you can’t make money blogging within 1-month let alone 6-month in.

Can you imagine how much you’d be paying if you’re blogging on Wix?

Btw… you’re also under controlled by Wix, even if you’re a paying customer and make money on Wix is also limited.

You’ll never know when you’d violate Wix terms of service and wake up the next day seeing your blog is gone.

Imagine, you’ve putted a 6-month worth of work into your Wix site and it’s gone.

Next, If you’re blogging on a free platform, can your readers trust you?

Untrustworthy for Free Wix Blog

Speaking of cancelling your blog and banned, if you have a free Wix site, the site can be taken down anytime without warning.

What’s worst about free Wix site?

Imagine a blog as a clothing store, and the domain name is, immediately, your trust score and authority went to zero.

What blogging on Wix trust score and authority?

When you share Wix blog tips, very unlikely that your blog readers would trust tips you shares.

If no one reads your blog, monetize your Wix blog is even harder.

Speaking of monetize on Wix…

Monetize a Wix Blog is Limited

When signing up to Google Adsense with a Wix blog, it’s harder to get approve and its worst with free Wix site.

Another monetization on a blog is affiliate marketing, you’re simply sharing affiliate links to make commission.

  • First, if no one trust and read your blog, then you can’t make money online blogging on Wix.
  • Second, imagine if Wix changes their policy that you cannot place affiliate link inside your blog, that’ll be hard.

Because you’re under controlled by Wix, monetization in anyways can be changed and can stopped if they want to.

Like I wrote an article on make money on Facebook, I share a lot about if you place an affiliate on a face book post, they lower the reach… that means no one can what you post on Facebook. It is very similar to monetize a Wix blog.

Next, let see how long can blogger make money on Wix?

Blogging on Wix: When Can you Make Money?

The reason behind blogging is to get free readers or blog traffic from search engine like Google. If blogging’s not what you want to do, check out this article how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank.

If you’re blogging for search engines, to get free readers or traffic, you need at least 6-months for search engine to trust what you wrote on Wix.

That means, it takes a long time to build up the momentum, using a Wix blog will blog is not as stable as using a self-hosted blog.

What’s self-hosted blog?

It simply cheaper at $2.95 – learn how to start a blog.

In the how to start a blog guide, although it talks about starting a travel blog but the process is the same as starting a self-hosted blog.

Wix Blogging Alternatives

Wix is free and you can pay for it as well.

The alternative blogging on Wix is, not You’re free to do anything you want except sharing adult content if you don’t want to get traffic from Google.

In this post Blogging On Wix: Can You Make Money Blogging? – I share more about blogging if you’re thinking about getting on Wix.

I share if you can monetize on Wix, and a more in-depth how to guide on self-hosted blog so you invest your time into the right thing.

Keep in mind, no blogging platform is better than a self-hosted blog,

I mean cheapest route to about.,, etc… have been on a self-hosted blog and make over 7 and 8 figures a year blogging.

Wix vs Blogger


Blogger is owned by Google, which is one of the top Internet Marketing company on this planet.


Blogger is free.

Free is something that you should never use if you’re planning to make money.


When you published an blog post on Blogger, your blogger blog might get removed.

What’s more?

  • A blog post doesn’t immediately bring you readers as soon as you publish it. If you want more blog traffic, you need to wait for at least 3 months to gain tractions.

It’s very likely that they’d banned or remove your site without notice at any time they want to.

That’s why starting your own self-hosted blog is key.

Helpful Blog Posts:

Can You Monetize a Wix Blog – Conclusions.

Yes you can monetize a Wix blog, but the big question is when will they decide to take your free site down.

You might be a paying customer on Wix, but you’re over paying as blogger.

I don’t take you 1 month to generate an income from blogging, but at least 6-months to see the results.

How much will you be paying every month if you’re on a basic plan but they only give you limited bandwidth and limited storage.

With that said,

Have a great day!

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