Buy Instagram Likes: Could Be Your #1 Mistake…

Buy Instagram likes cheap can never be easier as TikTok is taking over.

What more?

As TikTok is getting more popular, more people will be looking to buy TikTok likes and followers instead of Instagram.

That’s also mean you might not need to buy likes and growing organically is going to be easier.

You’ll learn the complete benefits and reasons to buy and not to buy… all in this blog post. Are you ready?

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Keep in mind:

It’s important to read this post thoroughly without skipping to finding hidden IG secrets tips that I only share with my subscribers.

One Benefit of Buy Instagram Followers Over Buy Instagram Likes.

Now instead of looking to buy likes, followers is better.

You’ll find out why you’re should buy followers over likes right now…

…when you buy followers, you have access to the

Instagram Story Swipe Up


As you already know, if you don’t have 10k followers…

…you cannot use Instagram Story swipe up.

If you have a blog which you should have… to get more followers on Instagram, and by access to the IG story swipe up allows to promote your blog post easier while getting more traffic to your blog.

 Now let’s move into the main event…

2 Methods to Buy Instagram Likes and Followers.

There are 2 ways you can buy likes…


is no cost that you can get free Instagram likes, but it requires time, but fast.

  • All you have to do is use different VPN to create more new IG accounts and as soon as you post… you can start using other accounts to like your original account.

If you want 10, 50, 150, 200 free Instagram likes, you’d have to make more accounts.

The Second…

All you need to buy likes and followers is money and simple, all majority of people in India would have tons of account to help you with those likes.

Most people confusing between make money on Instagram vs paid IG money and keep in mind I never recommend you to buy likes thorough all my IG tips.

Check out the next part the number one best place to buy cheap likes.

#1 Best Place to Buy Instagram Likes Cheap.

Before we dive, keep in mind, buying likes is worst far from buying followers…



If right now, due to new social media platform is raising… the lowest likes price is 100 likes at $1.50 and no higher than that…

…you get 2-years replacement as well,

That’s where 2-years replacement is there if you’re getting less likes, they’re to refill the likes you purchased for any specific post in the past.

Click here to buy 100 likes at $1.50 (and yes, you can buy Instagram likes with Paypal).

  • I recommend buy 50 Instagram likes or more…

 After you got those likes… check out the next!

Are Buy Instagram Likes and Followers Real?

When you do a Google search on “buy Instagram likes cheap earthvessle” you’d see this,


Companies like to mentioned the words “Read and Active” a lot.

Even the one I recommended SMMSumo for you to buy likes, have a look…


  • Real likes from real users!

I share this scenario in many post like Is Instagram Shadowban Permanent, and Can’t Increase Followers?.

Basically, you’d have to buy more and more likes without seeing any of your return on investment…

…instead of you making money on Instagram but you’re paying IG.

Check out…several reasons why or is it illegal to buy likes?

Why Not to Buy Instagram Likes?

Although tons of people are still looking to buys likes but let me share 4 important reasons what happen to your account if you’re buy likes.

Fake Influencers Can Be Spotted Easily.

IG influencer is a person that has over 10k followers to 1 million or more, they can make a ton of money and when people knows about that,

they’d try to do whatever it takes to get more Instagram followers and likes just like I used to do.


I mentioned several Instagram third party app that can be spotted fake influencers easily in this blog post Instagram Third Party Apps For More Followers, No-Banned. and it is a tool called HypeAuditor also mentioned in the resources page.

People wants to get more followers and likes to become an influence and when businesses trying to contact influencers to do business with…

  • …a page with fake followers would waste people money there’s why HypeAuditor is here.

Whether you buy likes or followers doesn’t matter how well you’d hide it. This tool is dedicated for finding fake likes and fake followers of a page.

What’s worst?

Can’t Get More Followers in the Future When Buy Instagram Likes.

Another reason not to buy likes and followers is Instagram would limit your account reach to 0%.

I did mention buying followers for Instagram story swipe up, but that’d be a huge risk as you getting bigger…

…let say you only buy 10k followers to have access to story swipe up, then implement organic grow strategy to take your to 100k,

  • somewhere along that range IG would kick in to do an account audit to determine your account new reach limit.

You’d also experience with Instagram followers suddenly drops…

…when people use SocialBlade a free analytic tool seeing -1000 followers drop in a day, then you buy more followers, it’d also recorded +1000 followers gained like this…


people or businesses would not trust, get sponsor on Instagram would be a problem and no money to be making which I’ll getting into even deeper.


Receive a Permanent Banned.

Can buying Instagram likes get you banned?

 Yes, when your followers keep drop but your likes might not be…

…when you keep inject fake followers as they’re keep dropping, you’re risking a permanent ban.

On top of that,

Have a look at this,


Before IG didn’t have the option for you to remove followers, but they do now.

They are now focus more towards quality, when take too any actions you would experience with

  • Instagram action blocked
  • Then, Instagram shadowbanned.

They’re not happening as quickly before, but today…

you can almost get these 2 listed above almost immediately.

Can’t Make Money on Instagram.

Previously I mentioned people or businesses would not trust, get sponsor on Instagram would be a problem and no money to be making…

When you reached the bottom of your follower range, it’s impossible to make money.

Most people think they need to buy Instagram likes or IG followers in order to make money but what they didn’t want to know…

It’s that,

you can make money on Instagram with 100 followers.


Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers.

You can get 100 followers faster than if you choose to spend your money on buying Instagram likes and followers cheap from India or any country.

I share the exact step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan that you can make money on Instagram without having buy Instagram likes or followers at all in the link above.

But let me share a brief outline what you can do without having to buy Instagram likes and followers to make money on IG:

  • Become an affiliate program to get paid using this Facebook Course.
  • Setup your IG page professional and trust worthy.
  • Get paid to post on Instagram by posting applying the Facebook method.
  • Leverage the direct message on Instagram to get paid.

What’s that Facebook course has to do with buy Instagram likes and make money?

Facebook only allows 5000 friends, you don’t have to re-adding friends to keep making money online using Instagram while getting your next 10k followers…

…make money is super easier to get paid.

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I hope you now know how to make money on Instagram without having to buy likes and most people want to do that so they can be more popular…

…mistakenly thinking they 10k followers then to make money,


they can make money on Instagram with 100 followers.

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