Buy Instagram Followers Without Banned: #1 Best Guide.

Buy Instagram followers has a benefit however they’re fake Instagram followers that can get you banned.

In this blog post, I’ll share that #1 benefit with you and when is the best time to stop buying followers to avoid banned on Instagram.

Then, the #1 hack how to leverage fake Instagram followers to make money on Instagram…

…scale and grow with automation tool without touching your page.

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Buy Instagram Followers vs Buy Instagram Likes.

The #1 mistake when comes to buy likes, followers, IG story views, video views, etc.

It’s spending your marketing budget on the wrong fake engagement to get famous on Instagram and to make money.

When you think of it?

  • What can you get out of when you buy likes, IG story views, video views?

Do they help you in anyway such as to make more money and increase your sale revenue?

If no,

Absolutely avoid it.

Regardless if you want to become famous on Instagram or show off to your family and friends that you’re famous through buying Instagram likes.

The most important thing when comes to social media like Instagram,

  • it’s that you need to make money on Instagram, not paying Instagram your money.

I hope you get it.

If you HAVE to pay, pay for something more valuable that helps you make money.


Now is the benefit of fake Instagram followers shared below…

#1 Benefit to Buy Instagram Followers.

The only place you can make money on Instagram when you’re under 10k followers is through the Instagram bio.

That means,

If you buy 10k fake Instagram followers, you can access the Instagram story swipe up.


  • Swipe up allows you to add more affiliate links, product download, etc.

But there is problem when you buy fake Instagram followers which could get you banned if you don’t know…

when to stop.

Buying Instagram followers – Horror Story!

The biggest mistake I made when I started on Instagram is looking to buy active Instagram followers.

Most of the site I listed below say they’re active to get you to buy those followers only…

When you actually buy it, it doesn’t matter if you have 10k followers or 100k followers…

…nobody will like your Instagram photos,

and your IG page become like a ghost town.

Can you imagine?

  • Have 10k followers with 10 likes or only 50 likes from using hashtags.

I know for a fact that having followers and likes are great,

and you know people gaining followers by posting photos on Instagram.


When you buy Instagram followers and likes, you have to do it every time you post on Instagram,

It’s likes body building with steroid.


If you still choose to buy followers, I share all the best sites to buy them in these articles Best App For Instagram Likes: Get 1,000 Likes Without Banned.

But, if you want to keep it real… check out the next part!

My #1 Trick to Buy Instagram Followers Without Banned.

As you already know the benefit of having 10k fake Instagram followers over everything else.

Let’s get right into how to buy Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers with a 2-Year Refill Followers

Buy followers from company that offer at 1 – 2 years refill followers,

Look at this image, you’ll know why…

Results When Buy Instagram Followers

There is an inconsistent followers loss and gained in a short amount of time.

That means,

  • Instagram is getting rid of fake Instagram followers by itself.


When they remove fake followers, and you continue buying without stopping, your IG account risk to a permanent ban.


Fake Instagram Followers Abandonments

Let’s talk when you should stop buying.

  • After you got access to the Instagram story swipe up, stop buying.

It is 10k to 11k followers.

11k followers is recommended to prevent Instagram remove followers and lose access to the IG story swipe up.

Avoid wasting your marketing budget to buy more than 11k followers and start apply the method I listed in this blog post below to get real Instagram followers.

Before Buying Fake Instagram Followers

Avoid getting tracked by SocialBlade by create a new Instagram account.

When you try to make money on Instagram, some people would try to see if they are working with a fake influencer or not.

After you got a new account and bought at least 11k followers right away.


  • SocialBlade can only search for IG account that had been searched on this tool before, but if you’re account is new, and haven’t been search at all – they don’t know if your account is existed.



It’s time to focus on getting real followers and your engagement to at least 100 likes per post.


You don’t want to show an account with 10k followers with zero likes.

That’d give a clear indication that you have fake followers without having to check on SocialBlade.

Now that you know everything… it’s time to take action!

Buy Instagram Followers from the Cheapest Seller.

It’s time to take action.

Sure, there are a ton of services and most brands that sell fake Instagram followers and trying to push you to buy Instagram followers.

  • To this point of this blog post, you should already know, fake followers is not real or active.


You’ll see the word “real and active” a lot from these company that sell followers and likes.


If they don’t mention these words real and active, nobody would buy it.

If you do decide to buy for the benefit mentioned…

…buy from the company that offer at least 1 – 2 years refill and more importantly,

buy Instagram followers cheap.


Instagram remove followers and likes to clean up their platform, having refill

…you don’t have to buy again.

I have a service recommended in my resources page that you check it out.

Consequences When Buy Instagram Followers

Let’s get to these consequences when you decided to buy fake Instagram followers.

Fake Instagram Followers That Don’t Do.

Yes, they don’t engage and they don’t care what you post on Instagram at all.

  • It’s like posting to a ghost town.
  • An Instagram personal blog that no one reads.
  • And no one would like your Instagram posts as well.

But you already know why you’re getting your first 11k followers…

…and you should already know what to do next after you got your 10k followers?

Which you don’t have to worry that people can find out about you having fake Instagram followers as well following the method above.

Brands Reputation for Fake Instagram Followers.

When you chose to buy Instagram followers, you don’t want to reach out to brands to get sponsor on Instagram.

Brand can identify fake Instagram followers or by looking at your Instagram likes, they’d quickly find out and blacklist people with fake followers.

And yes, they are more advanced marketers that you can’t trap them that’s why they’re able to build their own brands.

Instagram Doesn’t Like But Ban

If you haven’t read this blog post, I shared an IG tips how you can buy followers without getting Instagram bans your account.

Instagram now have over billions of users and as they introduced one of their new Instagram update that you can remove followers…


…that means, they do not want fake engagement and fake Instagram followers.

if you’re keep losing follower that you bought and keep buying, you’re risking your account to an Instagram banned.

Now Instagram Influencer Decisions.

If you don’t want to buy Instagram followers, that’s a great decision.

Did you know you don’t need 10k followers to make money?

Would you rather have 100 followers that would give you 50 likes on Instagram rather than 10k followers that ignore you?

This is would be your first step to become Instagram influencer along with automation process below…

Getting more followers without touching your page.

Helpful Blog Posts:

7 Steps to Buy Instagram Followers Alternatively – Automation Process.

Before getting into this automation process, you’d need to prepare your Instagram profile and optimize it so you can turn all strangers from hashtags into your followers.

Pick Your Niche Ideas.

The number #1 step to become an influencer is to have a niche prepared.

With over billions of active users, by posting anything and everything simply do help you gain followers.

  • In this blog posts Instagram niche – I shared 8 most profitable niches that you can be in now or if not you can find own niche using the hashtags search tool at the Instagram explore page.

Instagram Profile Picture.

After you pick you picked a niche, it’s time for your profile picture.

An example of a profile like @earthpix – one of top Instagram influencers


As becoming Instagram influencer is more competitive, not just followers that you need.

But also growing your brand awareness.

That means,

Instead of putting a picture like earthpix, have a logo.

Instagram Username Ideas

When come to the Instagram username ideas, instead of trying to come up with some random name.

It should be around a brand focus as well.



If you come across inactive Instagram username, don’t try to waste time to contact the Instagram help center.

  • Instead pick an Instagram name idea that’s available across all social media platforms.

Upgrade Your Instagram Private Account

If you want more followers on Instagram, putting your account on private mode just doesn’t work anymore.

It’s time to either upgrade your account to a business account or a content creator account.

So you have access to the Instagram insights…

That’s where you can get your brands, your online business to the Instagram explore page.

Prepare Your IG Captions and Bio

Your IG captions and IG bio are so key.

It is the only place to communicate with your followers and place to ask strangers from hashtags to follow your page.

  • Although the direct message on Instagram allows you to communicate with your followers but it’s a tedious task to build a brand this way.

Helpful Blog Post: Instagram Bio Ideas: 199+ Best Ideas to Get More Followers.

Rotate Your Instagram Hashtags

To avoid Instagram action blocked and shadowban Instagram, never use the same set of hashtags over and over again.

Another mistake…

Due to Instagram user base is growing, people comes up with random hashtags or hashtags that violate their terms of service…

…only Instagram employees can manage the system, unlike free hashtags generator won’t be able to keep their hashtags database up to date.

Helpful Blog Post: Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons.

Instagram Automation Tools

Instead of using Instagram bots, start using Instagram automation tool that is certified with Instagram.

Introducing TailwindApp.


  • This is a hashtags generator,
  • It’s also an Instagram tool allow you to get followers without touching your page.

Imagine setting your page up for 365/24/7 without touching it and letting it grow.

You can automatically post your Instagram images to Pinterest as well.

Imagine how much exposure you’re getting… – Killing multiple birds with one stone.

Helpful Blog Post: Instagram Automation: The BEST Definitive Guide.

Ultimate Tricks to Double Your Income Online.

Thanks to TailwindApp, now you can set your page on automation and have more time to get more followers,

and more money.

  • When comes to money, you can only put a link in your Instagram bio.

With a blog, you can put as many affiliate links as you want.

Make money online with different methods.

Learn how to start a blog.

Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers as a Musician – Bonus.

I’m talking about buying Instagram followers any more at this point, I’m talk about…

…gaining real active Instagram followers and make money off Instagram with only 100 followers.

Big misconception people have about IG even as a musician…

They think to make money, you need to be a celebrity with a big number of followers.


People call celebrity because they have a big social influence.

If you didn’t know,

Entrepreneur can be a musician and a celebrity too, have a look at Gary Vaynerchuck.

What’s special about an entrepreneur is…

They don’t care how many active Instagram followers they have, but the money they can deposit to the bank.

But don’t get me wrong.

A big following is always the goal, but I know you don’t want to wait to 10k or 100k followers then make money.

What if Instagram decides to lower their pages reach to 0.50% engagement down to 0.10% like Facebook did…

  • The key is make money off Instagram right now, not waiting buying fake active or engaged followers.

In this article Make Money Off Instagram with 100 Instagram Followers (it’s good for mucisian too) – I shared the exact step on how you can do it…

…and explain further on how I use the method to make money on Facebook over to Instagram because they only allow 5000 Facebook friends,

completely not good for a musician to make money.

I learn the entire method from this course while stopped buying Instagram followers.

It’s about Facebook, but you can apply the method on any social media platforms including Instagram.

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How Can You Tell if Buy Instagram Followers are Real? – Bonus.

How to check if Instagram followers are real by identifying If Instagram page with 500 followers and only have 10 to 20 likes, they have fake followers. Then check on SocialBlade to compare the number of followers increase day-by-day, if you see a traumatically increase in number of followers from 100 to 1000+ followers in 1-day, you know if their Instagram followers are real.

How can you tell if Instagram followers are real in other ways?

It’s important to understand between fake followers and inactive followers.

In this post, you’ll learn several cool methods

…to check on if Instagram followers are real.

Understand Engagement If Instagram Followers are Real.

These part is important that you need to know to avoid confusion between fake followers and real followers to effectively check Instagram followers.

After growing Instagram pages and accumulated over 100k Instagram followers and to check if followers are real…

Depends on each Instagram page and their health score, Instagram only allows 0.50% to 8% reach and I rarely see any Instagram account reach up to 10% or more.

That means if you visit Justin Bieber or The rock… they all have 100 millions+ Instagram followers while their photos are only 1 to 2 million likes per photo.

It doesn’t mean the rest of them are fake followers or real followers or even inactive followers or active followers…

That just means Instagram limits their reach to within the range from 0.50% up to 8%.

Except Instagram pages with less than 10k or 5k followers, I’m still be able to reach over 50% of Instagram followers and then, I’ll be experiencing the 0.50% to 8% engagement.

That means…

Don’t judge the Instagram pages with fake or real followers too quickly by looking at the next part…

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Check if Instagram Followers are Real.

Keep in mind, you can’t check for fake followers with SocialBlade if the Instagram page is brand new or have never checked on SocialBlade before.

But if you can check you’ll see a list of numbers of followers like this,


You’ll see the red numbers of followers are dropping relative high day-after-day, that’s a sign of IG account with fake followers.

That’s why people keep asking how comes I’m losing followers so fast!

After they lost followers, look at the green number with a huge jump in number of followers from losing 100-200 followers a day to gaining 8,287 new followers in 1-day.

Normal account, gaining new real followers very consistently throughout the week. For example 10 followers daily depends on account size.

Compare Likes Followers Ratio.

Now another way to check for real followers are check what their current number of followers. Then look back into their most three recent photos and see how many likes are they getting.


Most people with a page of 10k followers and their photos are only 100 likes or 200 likes, you know for a fact that they buy Instagram followers or using some sort best Instagram automation tools

…in post I share some of best automation tools that will get you banned and some of them can still be used.

Instagram Likes and Comments Quality

Another method to check if Instagram followers are real or fake is click into the number people that like the photo

…see if their followers are using English and Indian more due to IG has a large number of Indian users,

If you see a lot of text that you can’t read or a lot of account with 0 followers and overall looks like low quality.

They are fake followers.


Followers and Comments Quality, Do They Look Like Real Accounts?

Same things applied, to followers if you tap on the followers and check accordingly using the guide in the above section for account that looks spammy and low quality, then they’re fake followers.

 Likes followers and comments, they all can be bought and that’s where it’s getting more and more challenging to checking.

  • But if you looking for those best app for Instagram likes, I explained all these apps can be banned and only a few is safe to used which buying likes, followers and comments might not be working any more.

Let’s take thing more simple by just using an app to find it out fast right?!

Instagram Fake Follower Checker App

Introducing the #1 Instagram fake followers check tool.

After understand between fake or active followers along with 4 manual methods to check if Instagram followers are fake.

They might seem to be easy but HypeAuditor is easier.


Simply, sign-up to this app (one of the best Instagram followers check tool) and they’ll keep checking the Instagram followers and identify the entire account performance.

If you’re looking to work Instagram influencers this app will save you a tons of advertising expenses when you consider utilizing this tool for your product or services and for verifying fake followers.

For example, with tons of Instagram page and when you spending your money a shout-out and for the ROI, using this app is the best idea.

Click here to get started for free.

Buy Instagram Followers – Conclusions.

I hope you like this blog post, when comes to buying followers or likes, remember they are fake Instagram followers that don’t worth the money at all.

With that said,

If you want insiders IG secrets tips,

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FAQs. – Buy Instagram Followers

Is Buying Instagram Followers Worth It Promoting Music?

As a musician myself, I noticed buying Instagram followers is time-consuming and cost-ineffective. Fake followers will never engage or buy your music and get real followers is easy. Now you can find out who buy followers easily with a click-of-a-button, let alone that’d ruin your reputation.

Is It Safe to Buy Followers on Instagram?

If you’re continuous buying followers on Instagram, you’d get banned on Instagram easily.

Where Can I Buy Real Instagram Followers?

You cannot buy real Instagram followers, you can only gain Instagram organic followers instead which is free.

Which Site is Best to Buy Instagram Followers?

Since they’re fake Instagram followers, you don’t have find which site is best to buy followers, but find a site that offer the lowest price.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Followers on Instagram?

Depends on how many followers you’re going to buy, the price should be cheaper as you buy more followers.

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Fake Followers?

With tools like SocialBlade and HypeAuditor, brands or businesses can find out if you have fake followers.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Buying Followers?

When you see an account with 10k followers with only 10 to 50 likes, and by checking SocialBlade with an inconsistent drop or increase in followers, they are fake Instagram followers.

Where to Buy Instagram Followers?

I shared all the best sites in this article that you can buy likes or Instagram followers with the best and affordable price..

Do Instagram ads work for music?

Nope, Instagram ads wastes your money if you trying to build a following, they want your money more than helping you building a page, even though it’s on their platform.

How do you get big on Instagram?

To get big on Instagram is to avoid the method called fake it til’ you make it. Avoid buying likes that nobody engages on your photo. And I shared exactly that in this post…

How to Get Your Music Noticed on Instagram?

Have more followers on Instagram and share your music with the people that love your music…

How to Buy Followers on Instagram For Free?

You can’t buy something for free. That means you’d need a small investment on your side, but this investment is not worth it…