Blogging on Wix: Can You Make Money Blogging?


Blogging on Wix: are you picking the right one?

I’m sure you plan to make money blogging, not just blogging,


This guide will be focusing on helping you make money blogging since no one really has the time to blog for fun.

Do you agree?

When coming to make money blogging, I’m sharing my experience for to bring you cheapest and best option that…

…will save you money and make money blogging today.

Which this blog is building on,

…starting a blog require you to write and when invest your effort into the wrong platform might result you to put all your effort back into square 1.

That, is nobody want.

Picking the right platform to blog is important.

You’ll be seeing different variations to compare with blogging on Wix.

Are you ready?

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Can You Make Money Blogging on Wix?

Yes, you can make money almost anywhere you want as long as you find a way to drive traffic to your product.

Affiliate marketing is the model that I recommend that don’t ruin your blog website speed…

…you simply share a link to make money from affiliate marketing – check this guide on how to can make money on Instagram with Clickbank.

Google Adsense is another way to make money blogging. In fact, most bloggers start with this…

…you place Google ads on your blog, when readers click on the ads, you earn money.

You need to place a script to your blog with Google Adsense and that would slow down your blog while people don’t like to wait, even Google doesn’t like it…

…and when your readers click on the advertising, they’re gone to a different website or blog.

These are 2 main ways beginner bloggers start with, affiliate marketing is 100% bloggers would stick to and use that make millions dollar for their name.

Bottom line, you can make money blogging on Wix.

But how much money you have to invest into your blog to even get started?

That is the question.


I’ll break down the price to help you pick the lower price to get started.

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Blogging on Wix Pricing

I took a screenshot for you on Wix Pricing, the lowest price when blogging on Wix has a limited amount of bandwidth and storage.


Bandwidth and storage are using to store your blog post content, images, videos, etc

…like you upload a video on YouTube, it saved on YouTube.

Would you rather pay for a lower price with unlimited bandwidth and storage instead?

…I think you would.

Well, it also has all the feature Wix is offering you…

…that’s why I only mentioned two important features with you.

Keep in mind, website speed is important.

But when you’re starting out, not important for you, unless you already have 1,000 blog posts to published and images.

One thousand blog posts, could take you 2 years to complete

…assume you’re posting one blog post a day.

I’m talking about blog post with 5,000 words or more… if you write a blog post with 10 words, you can publish 10,000 blog posts,

…and it’s not going to slow down your website speed.

Website speed is favorable by Google, Google will bring you more traffic if your site is fast.

Now, if you have less than 1,000 blog posts with 5,000 words in each blog post…

…don’t worry about slowing down your website speed.

Wix Alternative – WordPress


WordPress is the number platform that even the top site like ProBlogger, SmartPassiveIncome, Neil Patel, etc.

These people has been in the industry for over 10+ years.

Yes, they’re still using WordPress. is what you want to use. is just another site like blogging on Wix.

It’s a plugin that you can do with 1-Click install.

On this platform make money is not a problem. You are free to put anything and everything you want on the platform…

…even with adult content, and that complete depends on what you want to do.

with WordPress, you can make money with affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, etc.

You can make money with affiliate marketing on Wix, but the point their pricing is high to invest in as a beginner blogger.

Can I Make Money Blogging on WordPress?

With affiliate marketing, you can almost make money anywhere you want.

You can make money blogging on WordPresx, on Wix, on BlogSpot, etc.

But is the number #1 platform that I recommend and it’s also free.

It’s a free plugin, but you have to buy a self-hosted…

…which I’ll explain.

Self-hosting for your WordPress blog

Self-hosting is similar to blogging on Wix, you’re buying bandwidth and storage to store all blog posts, images, etc.

You’re also get a free domain when you’re read this on how to start a travel blog, a travel blog or any niche blog…

They are the same.

In that guide, I shared the exact step-by-step so that you could get started with as low as $2.95 a month to be blogging on WordPress, unlike blogging on Wix for $4.99.

You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth and storage.

On top of that, when you’re using WordPress, you’ll be able to get support by plugin that will optimize your site for SEO so people from Google can visit your site.

Isn’t that amazing?

FAQs – Blogging on Wix

Is Wix good for a blog?

Yes, it’s a simple platform to use. However, when comes to make money blogging, it’s quite difficult and limited. Also with the lowest price, you can only connect your domain name, whereas with self-hosted WordPress blog allows you to do anything and everything you want.

How do I create a blog on Wix?

You can create a blog on Wix by simply click get started and sign-up an account and that’s all. Apart from make money on Wix, since it’s higher price to what I recommend, it’s better to make money blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Is Wix or WordPress better for blogging?

WordPress is better blogging, since you’re free to do almost anything and everything. What’s better? It has a lower cost to blogging on Wix.

Can I monetize my free Wix blog?

Speaking of free, people or your customers, friends doesn’t trust a site with a subdomain like yousiteDOTwixDOTcom or yourdomainDOTcom with a Wix logo in the site. When there is no trust, it’s hard to encourage your people to buy from you.

How often do Wix have 50 off?

Yes Wix has 50 off on their service, however I recommend self-host WordPress blog that would even be lower price when Wix offers 50 off.

Can I sell my Wix website?

Yes, definitely. As long as you’re able to get a continue flowing traffic to your Wix website, people will be happy to consider purchase the site.

How do I save money on Wix?

You can make money blogging, but you cannot save money on Wix.

How much is a domain name on Wix?

With the lowest price plan, you can connect your domain, but you also have to buy an additional domain name which is more money.

Which is better Wix or GoDaddy?

Godaddy domain name is cheaper do purchase a domain name from Wix.

Is Wix good for business?

Yes, you can make money blogging on Wix, however the expense on Wix is higher than a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blogging on Wix – Conclusion.

By now you should be understanding whether you should be blogging on Wix or blogging on WordPress…

…the price on which is more affordable so that you could make money in 1-day while spending the less amount of money.

Working with a company I recommend that’s been on the market for over 10 years, and used many top bloggers.

I’ve written a guide on how you can start a blog here.

With that said,

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