How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

Best Instagram followers app and having an app to get followers on Instagram without following free or liking is vital. These are the best and top apps I use to get over 100k auto followers on Instagram and saved tons of money when using Instagram promotion.

I’ll walk you through the exact steps and tips and on how to use each of these apps so you can also get more followers without following and more likes.

Best apps to get more followers on Instagram for free are a ton of them out there, but it’s all about whether if you’d get a permanent ban or not when you use it.

As I got banned multiple times and gaining over 100k followers, I’ll be only sharing these Instagram third party apps that don’t get you ban,

and best of all, one of these get more Instagram followers apps you need, they will help you get more followers without you even doing anything.

  • Just a heads up, these are all desktop app (almost all mobile apps don’t work), these are desktop app, and it’s harder to use on mobile due to function limitation that designed to grow your IG page.
  • These apps are verified and partnered with Instagram, you’re safe Instagram followers app to use without getting ban.

If you’re ready…

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Let get right into these best apps to get Instagram followers without following.

What is The Best App to Get Followers on Instagram?

There are 2 types of followers app you can choose to work with, sharing with you how get followers on Instagram is easier than you think.

  1. First, it’s through buying.
  2. Second, it’s through organic.

I never recommend the first one however I do share all the tools that allows you to get fake engagement and they would also ruin your future growth as the initial Instagram algorithm is only pushing your content to the the first 20% of your followers.


I recommended the second choice is when you’re trying to grow your page, you need quite several tools to help you with like finding viral content, new trending hashtags that you can easily rank for, avoiding banned hashtags, etc.

Is there an app to get more followers on instagram?

Check out all these apps to get real followers on instagram.

Join the step-by-step guide. – Don’t forget to check out the #1 best app to get followers on instagram exclusively to insiders only.

Best Instagram Followers App: 11+ App to Increase Followers on Instagram

I’m going to share all the truth about all these get followers app here you need. I mentioned all the buy Instagram followers app while you can get free likes from them as well.

But they are not really good apps to get followers on Instagram as you might think they are, it is not the best way to grow your IG page.

Check out all the ultimate gain Instagram followers app below, they are different to the one I mentioned from buying.

Growing your page organically is key.

1. Ingramer

The best app to get Instagram followers for free and it is the best all-in-once tool helps you with how to get Instagram followers without following.

  • Do you use hashtags?
  • or reposting other Instagram content?
  • Ever thought to have the entire tool box into one place?

I bet sometimes you need to download IG video, photos, etc.

Did you want to automate your page to get more followers on auto-pilot?

This is a all-in-one gain followers app that you need.

  • Before this tool, I have 5 – 7 different Instagram tools that I need to jump around and some paid tools, forgot about the fact that I don’t need that tool anymore but I still have to pay for it because I forgot to cancel the subscription due to all the tools are all over the place.

Can you imagine how messy it is to be charging from multiple software company?


What’s more?

This is a free tool to get Instagram followers app you need and you can get Instagram followers without downloading apps as well.

Get started free with the best Instagram apps for followers, today.

2. TailwindApp

Looking for app to get a lot of followers on Instagram?

I written many blog posts on how I use these free apps to get more followers on Instagram without following.

  • Tailwind allows me to schedule all my Instagram posts for the entire year 365 days and gave me time to work on this blog, sharing blogging tips without worrying and stress about Instagram.

This is not just a grow Instagram followers app, I even use that tool for Pinterest as well, if you look at the tall image that I asked you to save it to Pinterest.

I also use TailwindApp to schedule for 365 days as well.


Most people using the best app for how to get more followers on Instagram without paying and that’s it.

  • A horror story behind Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc is you never know when you wake up and see that your account got banned.

Instead of manipulating Instagram to get more followers, you can start a blog and using multiple social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to make money.

While you post on Instagram, post it on Pinterest as well and ask them to follow you on Instagram.

Get started with Ingramer App for Free (No Credit Card Required). – I used to recommend TailwindApp but since Ingramer has all the tool in 1 place, I’d recommend it for free.

3. InstaBoom

Another great app to get free Instagram followers without following and it is the best auto followers app for Instagram, I recently notice a new automation tool to get more Instagram followers app as Upleap alternatives, it’s called InstaBoom as I just couldn’t get to their customer support for help as I used to.

  • InstaBoom provides services across multiple countries which considers to be a great company to help you get relevant Instagram followers.
  • It is a human growth service that dedicate a human to manage your page, for example you can hire myself to grow your page.

That mean InstaBoom is real and I’d say, they provide a more professional services than Upleap which I used to recommend.

They’ve greatly expanding their company to different countries and they aware buy Instagram likes and followers activity is prohibited to growing your Instagram account.

However,  I’d still recommend you to track your engagement for every 100 followers gained when using any get followers Instagram app.


3.1. How To Use InstaBoom: The App to Get More Followers on Instagram

It’s to track it down when you get extra 100 followers on Instagram by posting a photo and see how engage has increased over time, this article shared how you can measure engagement – Tailwind Hashtag Finder Review: #1 Top IG Growth.

Depends on your account current number of followers, you’d need to look back to their last 3 photos and see if you’re getting more likes…

It is important to use relevant Instagram hashtag before judging the account manager,

as they might not know a tactic I personally use.

But knowing the key when you use this app to grow followers on Instagram without following is

  • you can save your time to grow other social media accounts like Twitter or start your own blog.

With that said, before judging the account manager in InstaBoom app, check out my personal hashtags tactic

Do you know what’s the best app to get real instagram followers?

You learn how to grow your own page, yourself. – You can figure out all the steps here without any of the followers app.

4. Combin


Combin scheduler Instagram app is a growth and scheduler app, and Combin is safe to use. It works for Mac, Window, Linux.

Again, I recommend one of these best Instagram followers apps, and also an alternative Instagram apps to get followers.

Don’t use the the follow/unfollow function in this tool to avoid ban or action blocked or Instagram shadowbanned.

  • To use Combine to get more Instagram followers: After you generate a set of hashtags from SocialInfo, save it into the Combin, set the filter to the past 2-weeks, and engage on those post get attention.

The reasons for 2-weeks?

  • Instagram posts don’t last forever and a max of 2 weeks that’s when the page owner doesn’t receive any more followers and likes from that post anymore unlike blogging…
  • and when you likes and comment on that post, they’ll see your following activity.

Combin is safe with their hashtags and scheduler tool only, but it is one of best Instagram followers apps since none other app companies have this tool available.

If you were using the scheduler, Ingramer is better. – Check this tool out at earthvessle resource page.

check out the #1 tool to get Instagram followers app.

5. Upleap


There are a ton of Instagram growth service or app to get followers without following, if you’re wonder how does Upleap works…

Upleap is a human Instagram grow service, unlike the best Instagram automation tools I mentioned, some of them can get you banned on Instagram.  It is the best app to get followers on Instagram without following back.

These services are using human to grow your Instagram page.

They dedicate a real human to your Instagram account, for example you can hire myself to grow your IG page.

  • Yes, it is a safe app to gain followers but it’s all about if you’re lucky enough to find the correct person within Upleap to help your page grow.

The company always has to hand-pick selecting and train their staff to improve their app.

If you’re encounter an account manager that pay for these best apps for Instagram likes, your Instagram account might be compromised.

Instagram would either lower your reach, slowly remove all your followers to eventually ban if you continue doing it by then, none apps to gain free followers on Instagram without following can help you.

Click here to find out how Upleap works.

In honesty, I don’t like to use any of these Instagram growth service either but I found Upleap is safe and legit, also cheap.

But hey…

  • If you don’t have time or want to grow fast, using Ingramer and Upleap combines getting 100k followers is super easy.

But if want to grow by yourself, one of the best IG tips grow I recommend using Instagram Hashtags and at least use Ingramer.

6. Loomly


Do you see the first box?

Imagine you can schedule all Instagram post for the next years, then you could have more time to grow your TikTok followers.

Then connect your TikTok account with Instagram business account, asking your TikTok followers to follow your Instagram page.

  • It’s called “killing 2-birds with 1-stone” by scheduling your posts for years ahead and get more followers.

The second box, it’s just a small preview how you post can look like, nothing special in the app.

Look at third box….

I wrote this Instagram Business Account Benefits You in 3 Ways, you can access the Instagram insights tool or analytic tool, this tool provides you with even more in-depth information about your IG account so to get more followers fast.


Loomly is not just an Instagram scheduler, you can schedule only 1-post to all across other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Check this trick when Loomly is one of the best Instagram followers apps:

  • The hard part is when you want to schedule your content for 365 days, then you have to make 365 posts,
  • But connect all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. leave a link back to your Instagram page.

365 Instagram post times 10 social media sites (depends on how many you use) that equals to 3650 social media posts,

they’re all on auto-pilot, you don’t have to touch your Instagram page or any social media sites using Ingramer, one of the best Instagram followers app.

7. SocialInfo

This is a Instagram hashtags finder, another apps for more Instagram followers.

Get Followers on Instagram WIthout Following 1

Are you seeing the power of hashtags?

Most people don’t find hashtags working for them because they’re using random hashtags generator get banned by using banned hashtags, those hashtags finder tools are free but it’s free for a reason.

For reasons why your IG hashtags not work? Check this Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons.

  • SocialInfo is another best application to get followers on Instagram without following, it’s also a perfect Instagram hashtags unlike the typical hashtags generator that just split out some random popular hashtags.

SocialInfo is one of the best Instagram followers app.

What special about this app for more followers on Instagram?

They generate hashtags based on your account current number of followers and health score.

and they analyze your current account performance based on the grade from SocialBlade, like as you can see the grade below,


C+ is generate based on all Instagram account on SocialBlade or simply put, the number of health score, followers, spam score, etc.

SocialInfo would then compile a list of 30 Instagram hashtags to use.

  • When you apply relevant hashtags for your Instagram account while using one of your managers from Upleap and getting an additional of 100 new followers per day,
  • if you still see the number of engagement is not on point, it’s time to request for a new manager from Ingramer.

With this thorough check, you don’t rationally request manager changes as it is hard for all company that find the right person to manage your Instagram account.

An alternative to Uplead and InstaBoom is using the Instagram tips I shared in this earthvessle’s blog and grow the account personally – Click here to give Ingramer a try.

If you do decide to personally grow your Instagram account, one of the best methods I recommend to avoid manipulating app to get followers on Instagram without following, as you might need to face more trial and errors to get those free Instagram followers.

8. SnapSocial


For this method, it is getting follower outside of the Instagram app, and I personally gain hundreds of followers by share IG tips on this blog, I would consider this blog to be one of the best app and easy way how to increase followers on Instagram without following anyone.

By asking you or my readers to use #earthvessle to be featured on @earthvessle Instagram page.

  • SnapSocial app makes your blog more shareable, like instead of asking you to copy this blog post URL link and go over Facebook to share, it just another step that’d slow you down to get more followers.

But you’d need a blog to use this and you can read this post to find out all the step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan on how to start a blog and use it to get more Instagram followers.

The biggest mistaken when come to get more Instagram followers is only using the feature on that platform itself. That’s why…

They’d usually experience either 2 things:

When an IG account is experience with these 2 things, they’re often experience with a huge engagement drops after they recovered.

That’s why they’d again… asked Why Instagram Followers Dropped Suddenly?

If you want to get even more followers apart from using these best Instagram followers apps, read this post how to start a blog.

How I use the blog to get more followers is to ask people to follow @earthvessle or using the #earthvessle.

Helpful Blog Posts:

Best Instagram Followers App – Conclusions.

These are the best apps that you can use and learn how to get followers without following, instead of looking for the next 10 apps, 20 apps it’s important you’re getting started on apps and tools that are partnered with Instagram so to avoid banned.

With that said, I hope you like this blog post on these best app to get followers on Instagram.

If you want to learn more IG tips on how to get 100 followers on Instagram daily, I shared so many of them in my blog.

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