Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Best 9+ Steps To Start

Amazon affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate program, and Amazon associate is the same thing.

In this affiliate blog post, you’ll learn the truth about affiliate marketing and whether it’s worth your time to get into Amazon affiliate or not.

If you decided to join, you’d also find all the step-by-step how you can get started right away.

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What is the Amazon Affiliate Program/Amazon Associate?

This is an affiliate program that pay you money without having to create your own product that most affiliate bloggers love to do.

You don’t even need to take care of the customer support or improve the product, etc.

  • All you care about is just to get that Amazon links and start getting traffic to that affiliate links and get paid.

Sound exciting but not until you see the following information I’m going to share with you…

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Is it The Best Affiliate Program?

It’s used to be a great affiliate program that all affiliate bloggers would use to earn an income from.

At that time, Amazon associate was considered the lowest paying commission in compare to all other affiliate programs that all affiliate marketers can work with.

But what’s even worst?amazon-affiliate-marketing

  • Not until Amazon affiliate marketing commission is further decrease all the way from 5% – 10% to 1% – 3%.

This could due to the pandemic but becoming an Amazon associate is quite difficult, an example would be low paying commission.

Another example is they’re only payout via bank transfer in the United States.

What if you’re traveling or want to do Amazon affiliate marketing in other country?

Paycheck is always one of the worst payment methods that you’d find extremely difficult to receipt money.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Rules and Requirements

Another hard part about Amazon associate is that,

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and getting traffic is the most difficult task.

And so…

Amazon even further limits that if you don’t get your first Amazon sales within 3 months,

They’d kick you out of the affiliate program.

That is the most important rules apart from all other Amazon rules.

Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives.

Instead of promoting something that only pay you at 1% – 3%.

Imagine you could become an affiliate marketer of affiliate product that would pay you up to 50% per sale.

  • If getting traffic is needed to get affiliate sales to any affiliate programs.

Why not get traffic to affiliate program that pay you 50% commission rate right?

What’s even better?

Promoting 1-product to get paid from multiple companies upwards 125+ affiliate companies.

Introduce FourPercent.


A master affiliate programs or company that teach beginners that want to start affiliate marketing.

  • They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that you should download to get started.

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After you understand the 3 level of traffic, getting traffic to any affiliate programs will going to be easier.

10 Steps to Become/Join Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program


If you still want to get started on Amazon affiliate programs also knowns Amazon associates or Amazon affiliate marketing.

These are the steps to getting started quickly knowing that you’re only get pay 1% – 3% commission.

Create a website or Start a Blog.

I’m going to share the level 1 for getting fast traffic to your Amazon affiliate links.

There are different ways to it.

The fast way is to use pay advertising to get traffic to your affiliate link immediately.

But if you don’t want to use pay advertising, having a your own blog is key.

Now, you need to pick a niche in affiliate marketing.

You can promote any product as an Amazon affiliate, but if you’re promoting anything and everything would the biggest mistake.


  • Due to competition.
  • Lower your site trust with your potential buyers.
  • Wait longer to get your first affiliate sale.

Instead pick an Amazon category.

Let’s say you picked a category of Amazon affiliate marketing that has the highest payout.

Check the latest Amazon commission rate.


All you need is pick small section of that category and talks about it.

Let say you pick the technology category.

Then your niche can be something around technology.

Let’s say you pick headphone then that’d be your niche.

Now start a blog which I listed the step-by-step process you can get started.

That’d complete your level 1 fast traffic.

Get your free blueprint of the remain level 2 and level 3 traffic.

9 Steps to Become/Join Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program


  1. Join Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates Homepage: Simply go to the Amazon Affililate to get your account. If you already an existing customer, it’s better to use the same email address to avoid confusion.
  2. Sign-up Amazon Associates Profile: Hit on the sign-up button and fill out Amazon’s form requested.
  3. Enter your account information: It’s important to fill out your real name so your paycheck would match your name.
  4. Enter your website address: As you started your blog earlier, you should have your domain address which the web hosting company gave you for free.
  5. Enter your preferred store ID: For branding purposes, I recommend that to use your company name as your preferred store ID. Most affiliate marketers think they hide away by using random affiliate ID, but your buyers need to know who they are buying from.
  6. Explain how you drive traffic to your site: This is important, without a proper explanation about your marketing methods, getting approved by Amazon affiliate program is going to be harder.
  7. Enter your phone number: For contacting purposes or verification code, Amazon will require your phone number.
  8. Choose your payment method: I got up to this point and got completely turn off that, I’m not constantly in the United States to have access to the wire transfer/bank transfer. But for paycheck is definitely not something I’m bother with.
  9. Create Amazon Affiliate links: After your Amazon affiliate account is created. It’s time to grab your first affiliate links and add to your blog post.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Mistake

Now, let’s say you have a blog, you’re about to put your affiliate links in your blog post.

I share how you can write an affiliate blog post to triple your affiliate sales.

A simple deadly mistake I shared was not to avoid place your affiliate links in your blog post.


  • When you use a blog to share your affiliate link, Google will be rewarding you with readers.

That’s the good part about Google, but they don’t like seeing too many affiliate links and would treat that blog post as an advertising.

Amazon Affiliate Marketin: 2 Tip to Promote Amazon Affiliate Links

YouTube Method.

This is the #1 tip to get more Amazon affiliate marketing sale is…

…let’s say you’re promoting your affiliate link using a YouTube channel in affiliate marketing.

Here is a great example where FightMediocrity’s YouTube Channel

This YouTuber simply creates YouTube videos around his topic or niche which is success.

He simply recreates business books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, 10x Rules, etc. into a cartoon version.

While he places his Amazon affiliate links in the YouTube description to the Amazon books that he covered.

…and let his YouTube videos attracts people to purchase those business book.

Which you could also do the same.

Blog Method.

Having a blog is important and a key way to double your affiliate sale.

Let’s say you’re in the wealth niche in affiliate marketing.

You can share blog post about your make money online and have a resource page that has all yours recommends Amazon books that your blog readers can check out.

  • A better way to get Amazon affiliate marketing sale quickly is to specifically review about that book and share your opinions or what you have learn from it.

Now, if you have trouble getting more sales to your Amazon affiliate program.

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How do I get an Amazon affiliate link?

You can simply login to your Amazon affiliate account, search for the what Amazon products that you want to be an affiliate of and generate an Amazon affiliate link for that product.

How much do you get from Amazon affiliate links?

This depends on what category you’re in. Each Amazon affiliate category pays out different percentage per affiliate sale.

Can you use your own Amazon affiliate links?

Yes, but you can’t let Amazon knows about it. You can do that by first you need to have a steady traffic clicking your affiliate links already and then… you can use a friend’s phone or computer to buy from that affiliate link.

How long does an Amazon affiliate link last?

Amazon affiliate link is last for 24 hours.