Best 8+ Steps For Affiliate Marketing Without a Website/Blog

Affiliate marketing without a website or blog is easy these days, as so many affiliate companies has all the marketing tools prepared for you.

In this blog post, you’ll also learn the three level of traffic that you need in affiliate marketing and step-by-step on how to get be an affiliate without website or blog.

Also, the fundamental to keep and proper preparation before getting started.

With that said,

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Pick Your Niche

If you’re building your Instagram page than you’d have a lot of niche on Instagram.

For affiliate marketing,

It comes down to simply 3 niches:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship

Having a niche in affiliate marketing business model is important.

Knowing that is not something you can make some quick cash as an affiliate marketer.

Instead of jumping from one niche this week and wake up tomorrow into another niche. It’s better to stay consistent within a niche.

Why do you have to pick a niche?

Affiliate marketing business model is not something new, it’s been here for decades and it is competitive.

If you look at these top affiliate marketers, they’re all in the same niche.

Btw, I only consider these affiliates as top earners who can teach you how to do, not trying to show off their 7-figures earnings.

Next step is…

Join The Best Affiliate Programs

Now most of the affiliate programs are all free to join and there a ton of them available in the affiliate marketing markets.

One of the current mistakes,

Joining and promoting so many affiliate programs at once that I’m not even able to manage as you can look into my resources page.

Imagine you can focus on 1 affiliate product and get paid from multiple companies upwards to 125+ companies.

Isn’t that powerful?

Introduce one of my best affiliate programs, FourPercent.


This affiliate program is in the wealth niche which is not as strict as the health niche.

  • Vick teaches the step-by-step guide to do affiliate marketing without a website and whoever is doing affiliate marketing would
  • eventually need to know how to correctly setup yourself so you put in the work now leveraging the compounding effect to grow later. – The snowball effects.

They’re currently giving a free traffic blueprint explains the three different levels of traffic which I’ll be getting into next, but get your free mass traffic blueprint.

Leverage Social Media to Get Paid – Level 1: Traffic.

This first level of traffic is the most basic level you need to know and I’ll be explaining over one of these traffic levels

that’d be leveraging social media to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing products.

Before getting into any of these social media platforms, get this out of your mindset.

  • Never think that you need to have a large following to get started.


  • If you search for social media channel like John Crestani’s YouTube Channel which crossed over 500k+ YouTube Subscribers and his YouTube videos only getting around 10k YouTube views.

You’re being controlled by YouTube and big following is not equal to more money.

Not just YouTube but all social media platforms are the same.

But let’s get right into which platform is easiest way to get fast traffic for doing affiliate marketing without a website…


Affiliate Marketing Without 1

Instagram would definitely be the best platforms that I personally use for doing affiliate marketing without a website.

  • Instagram right now is competing with TikTok which they’re going to rewards you and grow faster on the platform.

It’s always important to keep out to all Instagram update.

So you can leverage the opportunity to grow faster.

One of the best way to do Instagram affiliate marketing without a website that I believe you could get started right now…

…as there ain’t many things happening for other social media platforms.



Facebook is another great social media platform with over billions of active users monthly but doing affiliate marketing without a website is hard.

  • They do not allow redirect links or affiliate links that when you put any link on your Facebook profile, you’d be liable to a Facebook ban.

Or if you send an affiliate link via Facebook Messenger, your affiliate link would get blocked.

I personally wouldn’t recommend you jump on Facebook for the time being.



Twitter is a great one that you could use which I’m building a Twitter following right now in my affiliate marketing journey.

  • The good thing is you place as many affiliate links as you want on your tweets but it just wouldn’t be showing to your Twitter followers.

However, there’s a trick that you can use the link in bio and Twitter Pin hacks which I mentioned more in-depth how to do in that blog post I linked.



Same for Pinterest, putting affiliate links or putting any sort of redirect link would impact your Pinterest account negatively.

  • I personally found Pinterest to be hard to grow as every link use should be linking to an information page such as a blog post you’re reading.

Pinterest works well with affiliate bloggers who are blogging but for doing affiliate marketing without a website is difficult.



YouTube is a must have when you do affiliate marketing without a website or blog, or with website.

  • In affiliate marketing, you’d get a lot more affiliate sales when you share your personality with your YouTube subscribers as it’s a great way to build trust.

Now having a focus in mind is key.

If you’re building your Instagram page, or other social media platforms, it’s important to also have a YouTube channel.

Now at this point, in this affiliate marketing without a website blog post, if you like what you’re seeing so far and where I’m learning all this information.

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Master One Traffic Source

Have focus is key in affiliate marketing.

Ask yourself,

  • Which platform are you going to build and focus on that.

One of the biggest mistakes is building too many social media platforms.

That is the biggest reasons why majority of affiliate marketer failed.

Here’s a thing,

Getting traffic in affiliate marketing without a website is easy but master the next level of traffic is key to win.

#1 Barrier for Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

So far,

I hope you under the biggest struggle when you’re trying to do affiliate marketing using social media.

  • The biggest problem is sharing your affiliate links.

If you notice all social media platforms doesn’t like you to take their users off their social media platforms or using affiliate links.

Here’s a solution.

Introducing TapLink,



  • This marketing tool designs for Instagram, but I figured it works for social media like Facebook!

If you look at that image, you’d notice one important thing I do is lead generation and often ask you to join my free updates.

Leverage Lead Generation

One of the big disadvantage of social media is all Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

They have one thing in common.

  • They would be banned or blocked you any time that want.
  • Even though you might violate their terms of service that you don’t even know.

That’s why you use tool like TapLink and integrates an email marketing tool like AWeber into it.

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

The question is

  • Should you wait until you have a big following then to use these affiliate marketing tools?

The solution is to start right at the beginning….

…to prevent any Instagram page reach or Facebook reach, YouTube reach, etc.

As soon as you make a social media post, you want to maximize the chance invite that strangers to follow and also sign-up to your email list.

If you like this so far…

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Retargeting – Level 3: Traffic

Previously with the email marketing in place, you have already done a small retargeting which is the third level of traffic.

There are different types of traffic:

  • Level 1: Cold Traffic – they don’t know you at all.
  • Level 2: Warm traffic – they decided to follow up and sign-up to your email.
  • Level 3: Domination – this is where you’re trying to invite your level 1 traffic become your warm traffic and at this point, they already know you and getting them to become your fan is easy.

Right Focus in Affiliate Marketing without a Website

This is key which I’ve to dive into it a little more.

Most people going into affiliate marketing business model have the mindset of make quick cash and become a millionaire tomorrow.

That’d bring you back to square 1, broke, and start all over again.

Now, you’d need authority in order to double your affiliate sales.

  • With the idea of doing affiliate marketing without a website can be working but it won’t work as effective as having your own influencer hub.

Full Blueprint to Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.


This is the full blueprint that you need to get started right away for doing affiliate marketing without website or blog, or with a website or a blog.

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