Affiliate Marketing Website Best Guide: 6 Steps to 10k Month

Create affiliate marketing websites is key to win being an affiliate marketer.

You’ll find all the affiliate benefits and all the step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan you can get started your first affiliate websites.

I’ll also share all the #1 trick you can get traffic to your affiliate website starting day 1.

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Select a Profitable Affiliate Niche

Just like when you want to grow your IG followers, you need an IG niche.

Or any online business model nowadays,

Due to competition…

Disclaimer: Please note this blog post might content affiliate links. When you purchase recommended hosting using my Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate me which helps make this blog free of charge to you.


In affiliate marketing, you need an affiliate niche.

But there are only 3 niches in affiliate marketing.

  • In that blog post, I shared the exact difficulty level of each niche so you can identify which niche fits you best and easy to get affiliate traffic to your affiliate marketing website quickly.

I also share which traffic source you should be using.

But before all the traffic…

…let’s dive into the next important steps.

Join the Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Joining the top paying affiliate programs is key.

Top paying affiliate program doesn’t mean it has to be the highest paying or have highest ticket products.

It can be well paid by having an ecosystem in place that also allows you to get paid.

  • Apple has an affiliate program and have an ecosystem in place for every person that you invited and anything they buy in iTunes, you’d get a small cut.


ClickBank also has an ecosystem but it’s not paying to affiliate marketers.


They might have thousands of products, but you’re only get paid for each affiliate programs.

  • Let’s say I buy product A and you get paid, the next day I might buy product B but you’re not getting paid.

But here’s one of the top affiliate marketing companies I recommend.


If you’d like education on affiliate marketing, FourPercent is the great place which I learned from as well.

They teach you how to be an independent affiliate without relying on any affiliate companies.

As one of the big disadvantage being an affiliate marketer is any affiliate programs you join can shut down or close.

They have an ecosystem in place and currently giving away a free traffic blueprint.

Get your free access.

6 Steps to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

Having an affiliate website is like having an affiliate blog which required you to use content marketing to get affiliate traffic.

And these steps are more towards using SEO to get traffic but you can also get social media traffic without SEO.

Get a Domain Name

A domain name is vital in affiliate marketing.

Initially, you’re to focus on building a brand, not just getting affiliate sales.

You want your domain name to be available all across the internet.


Let’s say you want your domain name to be

It’s also has to be available in all social media platforms.

It’s plus to have the same company name all across platforms.

For example,

I only have to remember 1 name of your company and able to search for your company anywhere on the internet instead of…


…name A on Twitter, name B on Instagram, and a different domain name, etc.

Before you buy a domain name, you can get it for free.

Get a Web Hosting ­– #1 Important Affiliate Marketing Website Builder

This is the core part of your affiliate marketing website.

Whatever you upload images, text, videos, etc.

A web hosting is your internet storage.


I recommend BlueHost.

As it is cheap for beginners and also,

they have a 1-click website builder and your site would be up and running in no time.

There are tons of web hosting to BlueHost,

But #1 time-waster as a beginner affiliate is search around to compare the best web hosting.

To get you your first 100k blog traffic, you simply need 3 things:

  • Website speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth so you can store your website content.
  • A free domain name.

Almost all web-hosting company is giving away a free domain name.

Install WordPress – #2 Important Affiliate Marketing Website Builder

Once you’ve sign-up to a web hosting.

Click on the 1-Click Install.

Your WordPress website builder will be installed.


If you’d like a more detailed version on how to install WordPress check out the free start blog guide.

  • I shared how you can optimize your WordPress and remove or install any WordPress plugins needed.
  • What pages to have first before getting your first affiliate blog post published.

Buy a Premium WordPress Theme Designs

Theme design is one of the branding aspects you need.


I recommend GenesisFramework and AuthorityPro.


  • Genesis Framework helps with your affiliate website SEO.
  • AuthorityPro is one of many child themes create by a company called StudioPress.

Installing a WordPress theme is simple,

Simply install the Genesis Framework follow by AuthorityPro.

Here’s a thing,

Most beginners wasting their time adjusting the website design and logo, comparing which theme is the best, etc.

Move on to the next step…

Write your First Affiliate Blog Post

At this point, your affiliate marketing website is ready to be publishing.

  • Assuming that you’re not searching around for the best web hosting or changing your logo, CSS/HTML coding, etc.

Let’s skip through it.

In this affiliate post I share the exact types of blog post you should be writing for your previous chosen affiliate program.

To get more affiliate sales of an affiliate program is producing content that around that program.

Let’s say…


I’m giving away free traffic blueprint, you don’t want to produce content is getting more Instagram followers.

That is completely off topic.

Keywords Research for your Affiliate Post

Now before you write any affiliate blog post, you need keyword research.

Simply type your seed keywords below,

and you’ll find a long tail keyword with low competition and they have a whole list of them like this,



You want to use keywords that are in the green colors assuming you’re new to affiliate.

If you’re trying to rank #1 on Google using competitive keywords, your affiliate blog post could take ages to get Google traffic.

The fastest way to get traffic is ranking for long tail keywords.

Here’s an example….

  • Instead of ranking for Japanese green tea
  • You might want to rank #1 on Google for Japanese green tea, matcha.

Checkout the next important WordPress plugin.

Install Google AMP

This is new.

You need AMP for your affiliate marketing website.


AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages.

I was ignoring this until my blog traffic went down the trash can which I had to install the AMP plugins.

  • Simply go to WordPress Plugin
  • Click add new and search AMP
  • I recommend Google AMP to install.

Learn Traffic for Your Affiliate Marketing Websites

You might have installed AMP, it doesn’t you’d automatically get a ton of blog traffic.


There are 3 traffic levels:

  • Traffic level 1: Fast traffic.
  • Traffic level 2: Scale traffic.
  • Traffic level 3: domination traffic.

With an affiliate marketing website, you can simply use the traffic level 1 to start with.

If you want to know more about traffic, simply…

Download your free traffic blueprint.

Top 2 Affiliate Marketing Websites examples

Most people want to start an affiliate marketing website with the sites mentioned below and it could be limited to your ability to make money in affiliate marketing.


Let’s get in the first one…

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Websites

Amazon affiliate used to be the most popular which all affiliate marketers would get pay around 10% commission payout using their affiliate marketing website.


If you read the blog post I linked, you’ll find out all the step you need to get started on an Amazon affiliate site.

  • The process is the same as I shared but your affiliate program will only be about physical products.
  • It is easier to sales, but not anymore.


I shared one of the worst update release by Amazon associates is dropping their commission payout from 10% to 3%.

Fashion Affiliate Websites

Fashion affiliate websites work well together with a personal branding route.


Here’s a thing,

They have a limited number of affiliate program…

…you can count them affiliate programs on your fingers.

  • Fashion can be one of the affiliate niches. However, as it doesn’t have enough affiliate programs.

It doesn’t consider to be a niche.

If you have to find out all profitable affiliate marketing niche, read more.

Helpful Blog Posts:


That’s all for this blog post on creating your own affiliate site.

Affiliate marketing is the best online business model you can get started today without having to concerns too many aspects of your business and only drive traffic.

If you want more advance affiliate tips, join the free updates.

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