Best 27+ Affiliate Marketing Tools to Making $10k Per Month

Affiliate marketing tools are vital marketing tools you need for more affiliate sales.

There are a ton of marketing tools you need.

Knowing how to use them would lower your marketing efforts without wasting too much time and money.

Especially when you’re getting traffic.

You’ll find all the essential tools right at the beginning of this blog post.

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The Best & Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

These are all the tools you’ll be using and for the rest of this blog post, it’d just be an alternative to these essential marketing tools.

They could be easier to use, cheaper price that don’t interrupt when you’re trying to get traffic to your blog or get traffic to your website.

Let’s start with the first affiliate marketing tool.

WebHosting Platform

Have a web hosting is key if you truly want to build a brand and become a successful affiliate marketer.

People doesn’t like to buy from random people, they want to buy from brands or people that they trust.

  • The #1 beginner affiliate marketer mistake is only focus on sending some quick traffic to an affiliate offer and make some quick money.

Learn to start your blog today, I explained step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan you can get started quickly.

Best Social Media Traffic Platform

This is one of the best social media traffic that I believe it’s going to be as I’m currently getting a decent amount of Instagram traffic

…and share a ton of free IG tips you can find to grow your followers.


Other social media platform is also great to get social media traffic, as I have all the free tips, I believe it works for you easier.

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Implement these affiliate marketing strategies is key.

  • If you didn’t know notice I shared with you previously to start your blog, follow by getting Instagram traffic.

The above 2 affiliate marketing tools are here to help you get traffic.

The next step to it would be…

…implement email marketing and lead generation.

  • You can get 100k Instagram website clicks per day, 1 million clicks per day.
  • But you need control.
  • You do not know when social media decides to low your audience reach.

Like you can have 100k Instagram followers but they only allow you to reach to 1% of your audience.

Hard earned audience. But I’m talking about having a blog though.

Use AWeber as your email marketing and lead generation tool and capture your traffic.


Multi-Shadow Link in Bio

As you already know social media platforms would either trying to lower your ability to place more links.

Or you can place a ton of affiliate links but your social media status just won’t be showing to your followers.

Introducing TapLink,


An amazing affiliate marketing tool for social media traffic.

TapLink is LinkTree alternatives.


Features and an affiliate program that you can earn affiliate marketing money.

  • You can capture your social media traffic unlike Linktree.

Domain Registration

I put this affiliate marketing tool last as you don’t really need to have a domain registration.

But some affiliate marketers would prefer to have a separate domain registrar as one of their marketing strategies.

GoDaddy used to be great until they start asking for all sort of verifications.

with all web hosting these days, you can get a free domain along with your hosting, BlueHost.


Before Using These Affiliate Marketing Tools

Apart from the important of getting affiliate marketing traffic and leveraging email marketing and lead generation.

  • The biggest mistake as an affiliate marketer is being distracted by joining too many affiliate networks.

I’m sure you already know one of the affiliate marketing platforms called ClickBank.

They have decent amount of affiliate programs in their ClickBank Marketplace.

But there are 2 problems

  • Quality issue
  • You have to promote EACH product to get affiliate marketing money.

Introducing FourPercent,


FourPercent, the new ClickBank.

You only need to promote 1 product to get paid from 125+ affiliate marketing companies.

FourPercent teaches beginners to start affiliate marketing and get rid of all the poor mindset.

They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint, check it out.


Let’s get into all these affiliate marketing tools.

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SEO: Affiliate Marketing Tools For Keyword Research

If you have a blog and want to get more blog traffic.

By manipulating SEO is key to get more traffic to your blog or any affiliate marketing programs you might have.

In SEO keyword research is the first step to begin with.

Before diving into these tools, keep in mind…

  • If you’re beginner affiliate marketer blogger, you only need these tools for the first 6 months to 12 months,
  • After your domain past 12 months, your domain authority would be able to rank for almost any long tail keywords.

Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is one of the greatest tools to use for finding long tail keywords.

Most SEO experts might not find this tool helpful, but it is a free tool give you unlimited keywords that you can work with.

Why SEO experts don’t like Google Keyword Planner?

It’s not showing monthly search volume for the specific keywords which discouraging.


If you try out that SEO tool, you’ll find unlimited number of keywords you can use.

It is a free tool.

  • Google Keyword Planner located under Tools when you visit
  • All you need to do is simply use your existing Google Email to sign-up
  • Simply ignore what Google Adwords telling you about campaign is not running.

If you’re serious about getting first 100k blog traffic monthly, check out the next tool.


SEMRush is one of the most powerful SEO tools which professionally provide you with keywords with great monthly search volume.


Knowing the keyword search volume is key which when you start your blog you can write your first affiliate blog post about that keywords to get affiliate marketing traffic or other types of traffic levels.


SEMRush has been on the industry for decades which establish a strong relationship advertising networks that allows SEMRush to access the data,

That means,

You’d know exactly about your how much your competitive is spending on advertising, which keywords they’re spending on…

…and eventually, make better marketing decision whether to go against them or avoid the competitiveness.

Check out SEMRush for free.


If you’ve been thinking to go viral on Instagram, you can go viral when having your own blog too.


BuzzSumo collects all social sharing across all blog posts on the internet and identify which are the best performing affiliate blog post,

You can manipulate the data available in BuzzSumo for your next blog post.

  • The more social sharing a blog post has,
  • That means more people is liking the blog post.
  • When you share the ideas around those blog post,
  • Your blog post would also be favorited as well.

But if you want to get more traffic to your blog, check out this free traffic blueprint.



SpyFu is similar to SEMRush.

But SEMRush has the ability to collect a mass volume of information of all online businesses worldwide.

SpyFu is a cheaper service which if you’re starting out as sole trader or solopreneur…

…this affiliate marketing tools is cheap to use for your blog and allows to identify great search volume keywords for your next affiliate blog post.

Checkout SpyFu for free [updating…]

Get your free traffic blueprint for now.


LongTailPro is a SEO tool that focuses only long tail keywords which is beginner bloggers friendly.


Unlike previously SEO tools introduced.

LongTailPro is also been in the industry for years and as they only focus on gather long tail keywords,

it helps beginners affiliate marketer better when they have a blog.

What’s more?

Just like any other SEO keywords tools, they’d also have keyword difficulty level sharing exactly if you can even rank for that key word as a beginner affiliate marketer blogger.

Check out LongTailPro for free [updating…]

Get your free traffic blueprint for now.

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Web Hosting

Earlier this post, I introduced a complete step-by-step guide and easy-to-follow on how you can start your own blog,

I shared one of the best web hosting company with speed that don’t impact your SEO effort…

…which I’ve dive deeper into specific web hosting affiliate marketing tools that you can use.

There are various version of them and these are the top performing web hosting.



At earthvessle, I recommend BlueHost as my go to web hosting and its beginner friendly.

When you’re starting out you need 3 things when joining any web hosting.

  • Unlimited domain connects to the hosting.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Fast server respond time that help you get more blog traffic.

I arranged all these web hosting according to how much website traffic you’re getting monthly.

BlueHost web hosting works extremely well if you have less than 100k blog traffic or website traffic per month.

Get Started with BlueHost for $2.59/Monthly.



SiteGround is a more expensive web hosting and you should get this if you have 100k visitors plus per month.

However, if you choose to get started with SiteGround Web Hosting, it’s a plus which Google like to rewards blog or website with great speed.

  • SiteGround has multiple server in the top 5 regions which is enough to help you get millions of traffic to your website without an issue.

Which means,

If you’re blog or website is in the United States, SiteGround will update initiate the closest service to the visitors and that means,

Your website or blog will show up quickly, speed.

Get started with SiteGround.



This is the ultimate web hosting company which a bunch of big marketer using it like Neil Patel.

  • I haven’t used WPEngine personally but if the big boss uses it.
  • If they have a premium price.

The service has to be on point or they’d have to close down their company quickly if they charging their customers at a high price providing low quality service.

The lowest price point at WP Engine starts at above $10+ monthly and only allows 25,000 website visitors.

If you’re ready for WPEngine, get it.

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Social Media

The next part in this affiliate marketing tools blog post will be about getting traffic to your free affiliate program, ClickBank products, blog, website, etc.

If you want to know how to increase website traffic without SEO tools, that means you’d be using social media traffic.



Get your free traffic blueprint to reveal all 3 traffic levels.


TailWindApp works extremely well with Instagram and Pinterest.

As an affiliate marketer, you need automation tools.


  • Imagine you could just schedule your post to get paid for 365/24/7 without touching your page.

Introducing TailwindApp.

Apart from having your social media posts to schedule automatically, it’s important to implement lead generation and email marketing.

If you didn’t see the tool recommended earlier in this blog post called TapLink.


The key part is you can input a lead generation into it that allows to capture your traffic.

The #1 Affiliate Marketing Tools You Need.


Get your free traffic blueprint.

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Traffic Generation

Next affiliate marketing tools are for traffic generation.

After the above affiliate tools, before you invest in other tools, you need a way to get traffic to your website or blog.

Don’t think you have need to invest in tools then all of sudden you’d get traffic.

You’d need to use social media traffic.

These are one type of traffic out of other traffic levels



Instagram only allows a link in bio or Instagram story swipe up when you have 10k followers.

Not just Instagram is strict with website link.

Other social media platforms would also be the same.

For example, you can place up to 10 links in a Facebook post status but your friend just won’t see your post status as Facebook lower their reach.

  • Instagram traffic is one of the best traffic source to use in affiliate marketing and it is one of the best affiliate marketing tools.



Twitter is another great affiliate marketing tools to use.

Again, you can add a lot of link in your Twitter tweets.

But your followers just won’t see it or less Twitter followers would see it.

I mentioned a Twitter trick in that blog post along with all the tricks you can use to get more Twitter followers.

Affiliate marketing tools for Email Marketing and Lead Generation

  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Websites and Landing Pages

  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • ThriveThemes

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Writing tools

  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Design and Media

  • Canva
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash

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That’s all for this blog post on all the affiliate marketing tools.

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