Best 21+ Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners to $100/Day

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners to $100 per day are key to keep yourself up-to-date and learning as you grow.

You’ll discover all the important affiliate tips to shortcut your mistakes and quickly prevent them…

…and instead of becoming an affiliate marketer, I’ll share a key by changing the language to immediately help you stand out from a crowded place of affiliate marketers.

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Have Your Niche

Today in any business models you could think of drop shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, copy-writing, etc.

You could expect the world is becoming a much more crowded with over 7 billion+ people.

Imagine yourself lifting the car up by yourself.

Basically, you need a to have a niche in mind before anything else or trying to make money online.


There 3 simple niches in affiliate marketing

  • Health: This niche has becoming more competitive and you need to have more authority such as a health certificate or some sort of awards to be in. I personally don’t recommend this option.
  • Wealth: Another niche that is also becoming more strict, but not as strict as health which you have the potential to grow within this year, and it’d just becoming more strict.
  • Relationship: An easy niche if you’re passionate about, they’re not as strict as the above 2 affiliate marketing niches which it’s very likely that you’re passionate about.

What do I mean by strict?

Let’s say you want to get traffic to your heath affiliate programs, it’d be hard to trust by people.

Google doesn’t like it and when you’re building your blog, getting more blog traffic would becoming more difficult.

I’d personally recommend you to be in the same niche as I do which is wealth.

Become an Affiliate Authority

Have authority is key in affiliate marketing success.

If you’re focus on paid traffic using BingAds or GoogleAds to get traffic to your affiliate offer, most people don’t know who you are exactly.

In oppose to when having a blog, you could share everything about yourself and immediately…

…you’d become more authoritative,

that increases the chance of people buying from you.

Btw… you’re not the only person in affiliate marketing.

Stands out is key.

Select Smart Affiliate Programs

Speaking of affiliate programs, there are a ton of free affiliate program you can join.

For example, I’m sure you heard of ClickBank and you can simply join and promote any affiliate products for free.

  • But quality wise, they need to improve.
  • If you try to look into a ClickBank’s health product, they all helping their customers lose 7 pounds in 7 days, 23 pounds in 21 days, etc.

Huge issue with refund and hates when you’re trying to promote something for money to your customers as an affiliate marketer.

Introducing FourPercent,


Imagine promoting 1-product to get paid from multiple affiliate companies upwards 125+ companies without touching any of them.

They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint, if you have problems of getting traffic.

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Know Your Audience

Important affiliate marketing tips.

Once you selected your program, you need an avatar of your audience.

A group of audience that can afford what you’re selling.

  • Let say selling something for $5000 Kangen water machine, your audience age, gender, occupations need to be higher like already having a good paying job that care about their health.

Then, it’s easier for you to share the product with them.


Imagine speaking a millionaire kid that doesn’t care about health yet.

Be Transparent as an Affiliate Marketer

Being transparent is key as an affiliate marketer and learn from top affiliate marketers daily.

As the fake guru movements is becoming huge where all fake gurus are being exposed quickly.

  • I’ll be sharing an ultimate blog post for them as well which I personally got scammed by and help you avoid it.

Never be fake or only focus on money as an affiliate marketer that eventually get you shut down by the FTC or getting in touch with the law that could potentially bring you from a millionaire status to a broke man.

Stop Underestimate Affiliate Marketing – Key Affiliate Marketing Tips.

Affiliate marketing is one of many business models like drop shipping that help lots of business owners becoming millionaires.

If you’re currently jumping from business to business opportunity, looking for some quick cash, make money online.

Let’s shift the mindset to the next level.

  • Make that commitment
  • Commit to the affiliate marketing business model
  • Become more authority in what you like to do
  • Stay in that business model for a longer period of time, and take action. (Don’t do nothing, staying in that business model for a year then expect for returns)

Take action.

Get your free traffic sheet and become that authoritative in affiliate marketing.

Try Different Affiliate Programs

Trying different affiliate programs so you don’t talk about only 1-thing day in, day out.

Your traffic, your customers, your leads would get sick of it.

Without a proper setup as an affiliate marketer,

  • most of the time, you might just end up promoting a single affiliate product that bored out your traffic.

What I like about FourPercent company is,

they have an ecosystem for new affiliate marketers to promote only FourPercent as font-end product…

…get paid 125+ affiliate companies within that company.

It’s just like ClickBank, but you’d have keep on promoting every single affiliate programs to get paid.

Learn How to Get Traffic – Key Affiliate Marketing Tips.

Traffic is key in any online business model.

Whether you’re in drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

You need to learn how to increase traffic.

Affiliate marketing business model is easier as you only need an affiliate link to get paid.

  • Not creating your product,
  • Only share affiliate links,
  • Don’t need to concern about customer service
  • Much more…

Traffic is not hard to get and all you need to know is the 3 level of traffic

and how to scale and minimize your marketing effort to get mass volume of traffic quickly.

Be The Products

What’s that mean?

Promoting a product that you do not will be hard as as you’re brand new affiliate marketer.

You can promote the product without buying the product unless you already an Instagram influencer or already have the ability to drive mass traffic.

If not.

Be the products, get in it to find out how the product benefits you.

For example, as a partner of FourPecent,


  • I like their ecosystem,
  • I love the idea of promoting only 1-product and getting paid on a recurring basis from 125+ affiliate companies.

So, ask yourself, what you like and how it benefits your traffic.

Believe in The Products

Believe is key to be a successful out of all these affiliate marketing tips or anything you do you in life.

If you don’t believe in it, who would.

  • But yours believe is developed from knowing the products and be the products.

You don’t just tell yourself need to believe in your product.

It’s developed from knowing what you’re promoting.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Don’t Be Cheap

Affiliate marketing business model is one of the cheapest business model that you get started with unlike drop-shipping.

  • Most people like the idea without having inventory about drop-shipping but what they didn’t know is they need to spend money on Facebook ads minimum $20,000 to $50,000 to turn their business profitable.

That is just one of many drop-shipping tricks fake gurus do not tell you.

For affiliate marketing,

$2000 to $10000 would have all your affiliate marketing tools professionally ready for the next 24 months.

Professional is key to build trust.


You can start affiliate marketing for free.

But most of time, you’d have to go through trials and errors which might cost double your initial cost.

Be Sure Tracking is on Point

In affiliate marketing, tracking is everything.

You don’t want to promote some random affiliate programs that do not track properly.

What’s more?

  • If you’re joining affiliate program that doesn’t provide a tracking analytics tools how many website clicks or traffic, you have sent.

It is a red flag to be in.

More importantly,

This lead to us to the next big thing in affiliate marketing…

Don’t Get Scammed by Affiliate Companies

Yes, the key when you’re getting paid by affiliate companies.

When you’re promoting something free to join, there will be tracking issues.

If tracking is an issue, the company has no idea if It’s even you referred that person or not.

That means,

can’t get paid.

What’s more?

  • Promoting a company that are not well establish or have enough authority in the affiliate marketing industry.

It’d give you a hard time sharing the product with your customers.

Be Helpful

There a ton way to increase website traffic and increase blog traffic, but whatever you do to get more affiliate sales.

The key is to be helpful.

If you start a blog,


you can learn how to be an affiliate blogger sharing affiliate blog post to triple your affiliate sales.

It is the best way to get traffic without having to work like you’re working at a corporate job.

Write Timeless Content

After you have your blog up and running.

Another blogging trick to help you last longer in write timeless content.

What do I mean?

Every year all marketing strategies change all the time.

  • This year, Twitter affiliate marketing tips might be working, but might not work next year.

That means,

If you write an affiliate blog post how to do Twitter affiliate marketing, you’d have to come inside to fix your blog post.

You don’t just want to write seasonal blog post too, as summer and winter do not happen all the time.

Be Patient

This is key, we’re all impatient, even I impatient all the time.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and currently learning about affiliate marketing tips.

You’d have to accept that you’re in the learning phase and dedicate a few available hours to learn and expect making no money.

  • My biggest mistake in affiliate marketing for beginners is pay to learn these affiliate marketing tips and all of suddenly expect and hoping to get affiliate sales, without doing anything.

If not,

Getting refund from the course.

You Don’t Need to Read Affiliate Marketing Tips Blog Post


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Learn from Top Affiliate Marketers

Learning from these top affiliate marketers are key but they don’t really teach you much.

  • But whether you can learn from these top affiliates or not it’s about surround yourself with people that more successful than you to grow yourself.

You might have to spend your hard earn money to learn those affiliate marketing tips,

so be it.

Again, fake gurus are all over the internet these day,

Check out that blog post on finding who to learn from and who to avoid.

Capture your Traffic

Regardless where your traffic is coming from.

From Instagram, from Twitter, from Facebook, etc.

You want to capture their contact information like email to once again, get in touch with them.

That’s I ask you to join my free updates a lot.

Just in case, I might get banned from social media, or any other marketing stuff.

So then I still can reach out to you via email.

Getting more email subscribers need a trick…

Add Your Own Incentive

Yes, have your own incentive is key.

Instead of just asking your blog traffic or website traffic join your free updates.

  • Have something to giveaway like I’m giving a free traffic blueprint.

As I’m a VIP promoter at FourPercent,

All the giveaway material is available that I paid for to give away.

But it is created by this affiliate company that you should get your free traffic blueprint.

If you like the quality of this product, definitely consider become a VIP member as well.

Stay Consistent

Out of all affiliate marketing tips or any kind of online business model.

The biggest mistake you can do is jump from opportunity to business opportunity.

The key is stick with it for 3 – 5 years.

Here’s a thing,

Dedicate your own time if you’re currently on 9-to-5.

At least 3 – 4 hours, if not 1 – 2 hours.

If not 1 – 2 hours, you’d have to make time available.

Alright, let’s get it.

Find Out What is King to Win

Content is the truly king.

Regardless what other internet marketers say, without content first.

You can’t promote anything.

Can you promote a blank website with nothing in it?

When people argue content is not king, simply ask them if they can to promote a blank website or not.

They’ll immediately know content is king.

Focus on Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the key element to focus on.

In fact,

  • Majority of blog traffic is coming from mobile, it’s about 80.2% to be exact.
  • Ensure you promote any affiliate links, you want to check if the affiliate program is mobile friendly.

When Google release the core update, my blog traffic cut off by 50% due to my blog speed is too slow.

Even all these affiliate marketing tips can’t help with it.

If you want more traffic to your blog or website traffic.

Get your free traffic blueprint.

Full Force The Discussion to More Traffic

Imagine you leave a comment on your favorite actor like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson on their Instagram page.

None of them would reply to you.

How would you feel?

  • Due to they have a large volume of traffic, that’s why they always read the book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”

But if you want to make more affiliate sales fast, dominate the discussion is key to encourage people to buy from you.

Not just blog comment, Instagram comment, Twitter comments, LinkedIn comments, Facebook comment, etc. too

Don’t Rely on a Single Traffic Source

Yes, that’s right.

This is one of the key affiliate marketing tips

  • If my Instagram is currently getting 3,000 to 5,000 website clicks daily, I don’t want to just rely on Instagram.

I’d want to build a blog as well, so I’d have an additional traffic source to support the earthvessle brands.

Traffic Understanding – Key Affiliate Marketing Tips.

Internet traffic is not hard to get, unless you don’t know what traffic is.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: 3 Levels of Traffic

There are simply 3 level of traffic that you could focus on.

  • Traffic level 1: Fast traffic
  • Traffic level 2: Scale traffic
  • Traffic level 3: Domination traffic

Understand these 3 level would change your internet marketing or affiliate marketing journey like turning on the light switch on and off.

I personally stuck for understanding traffic for 2 years.

Get your free blueprint today.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Conclusions.

If you haven’t started your affiliate marketing journey, these affiliate marketing tips would help you and it’s time to take action as it is one of the cheapest online business model that could change your life.

I hope these affiliate marketing tips in this blog post helpful.

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