11+ Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Beginners to Advanced

Affiliate marketing strategy is key that keep you move the needle forwards.

Without strategy in place, and having the mindset to make some quick buck will never be a strategy that win.

A simple strategy that will fail majority of affiliate marketers would be joining an affiliate program…

…send traffic to the offer and expect have a profitable long-term business.

You’ll find an ultimate strategy in this blog post being an affiliate marketer, it won’t go away.

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Join an Ecosystem Affiliate Program

Having an ecosystem affiliate program is so key.

What’s an ecosystem?

I’m sure you know of ClickBank and as an affiliate marketer, you don’t get to use their ecosystem.

  • It basically means, you only get paid based on individual product and you have to promote each product to get paid from other affiliate products.

Imagine, you only need to promote 1 product and get paid from 125+ affiliate companies.

Introducing FourPercent,


The greatest affiliate marketing school you need.

  • They teach beginner affiliate marketers to avoid the failure system and have a strategy in place while if you choose to apply those knowledge to partner with FourPercent, it’d be a plus.

Check out this affiliate program.

Learn Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Traffic is key in affiliate marketing to keep you avoid the failing strategy.

In fact,

Getting traffic is not hard but not knowing how to leverage it to their full potential will not bring a long-term thinking and easily brings you back to square 1, and older.

There are 3 traffic levels in all traffic strategy,


  • Traffic level 1 is fast traffic.
  • Travel level 2 is scaling traffic.
  • Traffic level 3 is domination traffic.

There are different types of website traffic and blog traffic per traffic level such as level 1 includes social media traffic such Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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Leverage Product Reviews Affiliate Blog Posts

Product review affiliate blog post is key to laser target people that want to buy now.


With a good product review blog post, you could potentially triple your sales consistently leveraging Google.

  • When producing a product review blog post, you’re literally review a brief overview of the product and yes, you’d have to own the product to thoroughly share it.

It’s not necessary to cover every single aspect of the product.

This is a great affiliate marketing strategy to produce fast result that help you generate quick affiliate sales.

Keep in mind,

When you use this strategy, a lot of affiliate marketers would be competing against each other.

Check out the mistake below…

Alternate Between Product Reviews

Abusing the above affiliate marketing strategy could turn off your potential buyers at the same time.

  • Let’s say you have your own blog and people are reading every single blog post on product reviews.

This would lower your blog quality and or new traffic or visitors comes to your blog could lose that first impression and leave quite quickly.

Have your own Hub

Affiliate marketing is not new at this point in time or any online business model.

Without a proper affiliate marketing strategy or without having your own hub could lower the number of sales.

What’s the hub, exactly?

  • It’s place you can communicate with your potentially affiliate buyers without spending a dime on paid traffic or advertising.

By focus on paid traffic, what most affiliate marketing companies tend to do is only focus on lead generation and continue to squeeze for a profitable return to continue running advertising.

Start your own hub.


Manipulate Social Media and Influencers

Manipulate social media must be a key to your affiliate marketing strategy.


  • Most people want to become a successful affiliate marketer and ends up only focus on the wrong social media platform.
  • Or only focus on getting followers.

Social media is a great platform for social media traffic but all social media status doesn’t last as long as having an article in place.

A better method to using social media traffic without having yourself to be working like you’re in a corporate job is mentioning next…

Lead Generation: Capture Your Traffic

Leveraging lead generation and email marketing together would be one of the greatest affiliate marketing strategies to use.

  • Not all social media traffic will keep on going giving you website traffic or blog traffic without banned or limit your social media platform reach.

An example of myself getting around 3,000 to 5,000 Instagram traffic daily, and it’d change in the future if too many people click through the link in bio

Or lower my page reach.

One of the best affiliate marketing tools to capture your social media traffic is using TapLink.


  • Nowadays social media platforms either allows you with only 1 link in bio,
  • Or a lot of links but just won’t show your post status to your followers.

Very limited option available.

Always Use the Green Trends

Green trends continuously bring in traffic rather than working on the seasoning topic that only bring in traffic this month and all of sudden not bringing traffic at all in the month after that.

  • Again, that doesn’t mean only using green trends all the time and completely ignore seasonal trends.

That’s what a lot of affiliate marketers do which you could take advantage of to get easy affiliate marketing traffic.

Host a Live Webinar

After a while by implementing all these affiliate marketing strategy, you should be getting more website traffic or blog traffic.

  • Having a live webinar would triple your affiliate sales as an affiliate marketer.

Now, if you’re affiliate product is as a low price, hosting a live webinar would be a wasted of effort which you could easily make more sales without a live webinar.

You Don’t Need These Affiliate Marketing Strategy


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Leverage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Strategy

PPC affiliate marketing is one of the paid traffic sources that most affiliate companies use to grow their online presence.


PPC marketing is pay per click.

  • There are many search engine marketing platforms that help with this such as Google Adwords, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads).

They charge your marketing budget by Cost Per Click or CPM, Cost per thousand impressions.

This affiliate marketing strategy would immediately bring you instant traffic.

Which most affiliate companies would squeeze the most out of their marketing budget by only focus on that affiliate sales.

Announce Exclusive Discounts and Deals

This affiliate marketing strategy works greatly aligning with the above strategy.

  • For the most effective affiliate marketing strategy is to announce exclusive discounts and deals.


Whether you’re using free traffic or paid traffic, having an incentive or have exclusive discounts and deals would improve the traffic conversion by intriguing cold traffic into leads.

An example of asking 100 blog traffic or you to join the free updates, it could be only 10 people would be willing to join the free updates.

In oppose to,

If I’m giving away a free traffic blueprint in oppose to 100 blog traffic, 30 to 50 people would be interested in the free incentive and become a royal subscriber.

Create a Dedicated Resource Page

A resource page only works for a blog or website, but not social media.

  • This page is for sharing with your blog traffic about what marketing you’re using and also give you an opportunity to make money as an affiliate marketers blogger.

If you look into earthvessle’s resource page, you’d find all the tool that I use to build this blog and currently using.

Change Your Thoughts

This is one of the top affiliate marketing lessons I’ve learned to stop quitting.

If you’re new, I just like you giving on affiliate marketing all the time.

  • The number #1 affiliate mistake is trying to make some quick money and try it for a few days or months…
  • Move on a different business opportunity.

This is an affiliate marketing strategy to use, it would bring you back to square 1, and get older as well.

Focus on the Brand Route

This is an ultimate affiliate marketing trick you have to use.

Apart from the previous mistake mentioned,

  • Any online business model becomes more competitive ever at this date and age.
  • Without building a brand, people or your traffic will simply do not know you in order to buy from you.

An example of a person that use paid advertising to get affiliate sales vs a person that focus on branding…

…branding would create a long-term business that allows the word of mouth marketing strategy to continue delivering in continuous sales without spending a dime on paid advertising.

Look Out into Mobile

Although desktop blog traffic or desktop website traffic convert a better which bring you more affiliate sales.

Look at the analytic image below where a vast majority of my traffic coming from mobile.


Which I have to deal with.

That means,

You’d also need to focus on mobile, always be sure if you have a blog, always have a mobile-friendly blog design which I recommended in that blog post.

Partner with a Premium Affiliate Company

Having a premium affiliate company is key.


It’s important, they’re paying you.

Imagine joining an affiliate company that has problems and excuses with their company policy and ended up not paying you.

And to be honest, the term “affiliate” is quite outdated as large portion of newbies come in trying to make quick money.

That’s why instead of becoming an affiliate marketer of an affiliate program.

Partner with an affiliate program that you well along with good education.four-percent-how-to-start-affiliate-marketing-free-niche

FourPercent is what I found that met the criteria.

  • Well education providing for beginners to advance affiliate marketers.
  • Great website designs.
  • Having extreme positive reviews managed by TrustPilots.

They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint, get yours now.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Conclusions.

These are all the strategy that you could implement today if you’re brand new to this online business model.

It’s key if you pick any online business model, know the benefits and stick to it for a long time.

If you like to see if you advance strategies.

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How do I become an affiliate marketer?

You can simply follow these strategies to stabilize and get your started immediately.

Which affiliate marketing strategy do you think is the most effective?

It’s knowing how to drive traffic to whatever you’re promoting to effective triple your affiliate sales.

What is the highest paying affiliate program?

Highest paying affiliate program doesn’t mean you have to sell high price, it could be a combination of low tick affiliate program that stack up together.

How do you promote affiliate products?

You can learn how to get affiliate marketing traffic.

Which affiliate network is best?

The best affiliate network is the one that willing to pay you and able to pay you upwards 125+ affiliate companies without even having to promote it.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing with no money but it would a little longer to get started. For example, if you’re willing to spend $100 to start a blog, you can make it back fast.

How can I start affiliate marketing without a website?

You don’t want to start affiliate marketing without a website which I do shared, but if you’re read this free blog post, you’ll find out how to get more affiliate sales.

Is affiliate marketing worth doing?

Definitely, by far the easiest business model that you only need to share an affiliate link unlike drop-shopping, consulting, etc.

Where can I promote affiliate links?

You can promote affiliate links using a blog, or social media traffic, etc.