Best 7 Steps to Make Affiliate Marketing Money

Affiliate Marketing money can easily be made when you know all the inside and outside.

The fake and the truth being an affiliate.

You’ll find all the information, step-by-step and easy-to-follow to get started and make money as an affiliate right away.

I’ll share a failing affiliate models and an evergreen winning affiliate model.

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Top Benefit in Affiliate Marketing Money

There are a ton of benefits in make money with affiliate marketing which I shared below.

And I’ll layout one of them here in this blog post.

The #1 benefit is you only need to share an affiliate link.

You don’t need to

  • create your own products.
  • Finding demands if people will buy your stuff.
  • Optimize conversation for your product to acquire a lower CPA.
  • Maintaining the products.
  • Identify a good price point that your target market is willing to buy.


With affiliate marketing,

All you need is working with a high authority affiliate companies.

Notice I said high authority…

…you don’t want to low authority or new company,

or they’d be using you as an affiliate to find out if the market is buying their products.

Imagine all you need to work with carrying your affiliate links around and get paid day-in, day-out.

Read all affiliate marketing benefits…

Avoid The #1 Failed System for Affiliate Marketing Money

This affiliate blog post will be covering around a winning affiliate marketing business model and there are 2 phases of it,

you only need the first one.

Failure Affiliate Models to Make Affiliate Marketing Money

Let’s start with a failure system all beginners affiliate marketers got trapped.

Failed Affiliate Marketing Online Business Model


That is the #1 trap most beginners are still wasting their money and time, along with carrying their hope of being able to make money.

In this blog post affiliate marketing tips, I shared all one of the important mindset tips as an affiliate marketer should have to win.

Why that’s a failed affiliate business model?


Regardless whatever online business model you’re starting, it’s full of people competing with you.

It used to work decades ago though.


Here’s winning model.

Winning Affiliate Models to Make Affiliate Marketing Money

Previously, all you do is sending affiliate traffic to your chosen affiliate program and hoping to get sales but you’re leaking money without getting a single sale.


With this model, you’re only focus on the 1-page website.

Only look at phase 1.

  • You’re sending website traffic/visitors to your 1-page website,
  • 1-Page website send traffic/visitors to your autoresponders
  • and send traffic/visitors to your TYP page.

Why this is a winning affiliate business model?

Instead of sending traffic to buy your affiliate program,

it’s easier to leverage lead generation and email marketing to collect your traffic contact information.

If they don’t buy now,

you can still ask them to buy later using your autoresponder.

Btw… I learned these from FourPercent and a ton of top affiliate marketers using this method.

  • They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that you exactly what I was saying.

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Best 7 Steps to Make Affiliate Marketing Money

Find your Profitable Passion

Having your profitable passion is key to help you get traffic, and affiliate sales.

In this blog post best affiliate niche of all time – I shared the top 3 niches or profitable passions you need.

As soon as you aware of the difficulty of each niche, you can push hard with it.

Personally, I’m into the weight loss/bodybuilding, and helping entrepreneur make affiliate marketing money.


Sometimes your passions don’t go along with you.

  • I might like to be in the weight loss/bodybuilding affiliate niche, but the difficulty is too high and it’s not worth it to get into.

That means,

You might need to your new passions.

It’s going to be hard then? Nope, it can be as easy as learn, teach, share.

One of the best tricks I learn a VIP member of FourPercent in my affiliate marketing money.

Identify Types of Product for Affiliate Marketing Money

After you got your passion written down and ticket off your affiliate marketing to-do list.

It’s time to find down the types of product you need to triple your affiliate sales.

There are the types of products,

Physical Products

Yes can also make money with physical products too.

But it’s just not popular enough within affiliate marketing industry.

One of the best place for finding physical products is Amazon Associate.


But it’s well over now as all Amazon affiliate marketers only get paid up to 3% commission payout.

If you want to know more, read this post having your own affiliate website.


If you’re planning to make affiliate marketing money with physical product, you can expect to only get paid under 15% max in commission payout…

…and having to promote each product to get paid,

instead of just working with 1-product and get paid from 125+ affiliate companies.

Digital Informational

The next type of product in affiliate marketing is digital information.


An example of an online course, software, email marketing tools, etc.

Digital information is the dominance category that 99% of affiliate marketers is here.


Passive income.

  • Not having to deal with shipping and product packaging, etc.
  • Or minimize as much work as possible.
  • Instead of send students to physical classes, using the internet to study at home that also works.

The Key Elements of Starting Affiliate Marketing

Starting an affiliate marketing, you need 2 things which I’m summarize in this affiliate blog post.

It is traffic/visitors or people to see your affiliate offers or affiliate program.

As mention my number #1 mistake is not understand traffic and there are a ton of way you can get affiliate traffic.

Affiliate Traffic

Let’s say you’re open up a store, your store would never be going to make money unless there are people in it, right?

Same thing applies to an online business.

If you don’t have traffic, there would be no leads, no sales, no money.

You might have heard of the phrase that says “if you build it, they will come” …

…not true when it comes to an online business.


Depends on which affiliate traffic you choose to work with, there won’t be free traffic like having a physical store which I shared more tricks in that blog post.

In fact,

Getting traffic is hard only when you don’t know about it which I didn’t know and expect to find cheap traffic like 0.01c per click, low quality traffic that nobody would buy from you.


  • You don’t need thousands of dollars to get traffic either, and it’s completely free.

I’m going to break some of the fast traffic level 1 in this this blog post later on.

1-Page Website

Don’t be the affiliate marketer that is not sending traffic to this 1-page.


This is called lead generation.

  • You’re using this 1-page website which can also be known as landing page, squeeze page, capture page, etc.

Same thing.

Don’t confuse yourself like I did trying to figure the different back then.

If you haven’t downloaded your free traffic blueprint, get yours and see the live version of a landing page.

The purpose of this page to prevent distraction.

  • You don’t want show anything else but a strong focus Call-to-action.

Your traffic would only go through your 1-page website to read the headlines, it’s only two choices they have…

…a yes or a no.

The Easiest Step to Making Affiliate Marketing Money


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Before you creating any 1-page website, landing page, squeeze page, opt-in page, etc.

There is one of the biggest problem when creating landing page is optimize for conversion.

An example of 100 traffic go to 1-page website…

…if 30 to 40 people become join your email list, it’d be 30% to 40% conversions.


When you decide to join affiliate program, they should have it available for you already

and all you need is sending traffic.

But be sure they let you send your email subscribers to your auto-responder…

…if not, don’t be scammed by.


This happens a lot with ClickBank products, and most of the time you need to create your own landing page and cannot send email subscribers to your autoresponder.

Check out FourPercent, the #1 ecosystem.

Your Complete Affiliate Traffic

If you haven’t downloaded blueprint, be sure to get yours.

I’m going to share the fast traffic options below that you can get started today.

Check out the complete affiliate traffic blog post.


Fast Traffic Level 1 Option #1: Email Media

Email media is one of the trickiest and easiest affiliate traffic you can get right away.

But you need to focus on the quality of the traffic.

  • I personally don’t recommend Solo Ads, but it is one of the fastest way to get traffic to make quick affiliate sales that have a low product price range.

But if you decide to be an affiliate of affiliate program that is selling high ticket items, avoid email media as your go to traffic source.


Go to Udimi,

Look for sellers that have great start reviews and especially reviews that said they have a sale.

As some sellers help each other out for positive 5-stars reviews…

…that’s why you need to find reviews say they got sales from using that sellers.


You want to test small with many sellers and if you get sales…

…then buy more.

Don’t spend $1000 on a seller to see if you’re going to get a sale.

Fast Traffic Level 1 Option #2: Hub Establishment

This is the best method to get affiliate traffic and have a well establish online brands which allows you to get sales quickly.

  • When you have a more authority
  • And there are many affiliate marketers selling the same as you do
  • If you have a well-established online brand, people will buy from you, not them.

I’ve written a step-by-step guide on how you can establish your hub.

Lead Generation and Email Marketing

They are the key.

You need this to have more control whether your business is online or offline.

You might feel Google getting traffic from your hub, social media, etc. not until they ban you.

Let’s get started with the first step.

Build your Audience

To make more affiliate marketing money, it’s about building your audience and fans.

  • The larger your audience, the more sales you’re going to make.
  • The more passionate your traffic about you, they more affiliate sales you’ll make.
  • The faster you can grow and reinvest into growing a 10x large group of audience.

When you’re getting traffic, you’ll need to redirect them to opt-in to your email list.

I shared an ultimate trick you can exchange for your audience email address easily.

This page can take you just a few minutes to set it up.


If you haven’t get your traffic blueprint, get yours and check out the live version of the landing page.

For create your landing page, you can simply use ClickFunnels.

Top 2 Affiliate Marketing Money Ultimatums


Having a good mindset in affiliate marketing is key.

I remember when started with online marketing or affiliate marketing.

I only treat affiliate marketing as a quick way to make affiliate marketing money.

Remember this model?


It’s exactly what I used to do.

Failing over and over again for months until I found that winning model.

Apart from the mindset aspect,

Actual implementation is key.


Affiliate marketing mindsets come down this this actual action taking step.


Branding is key.

A brand doesn’t grow overnight.


When you’re getting in the affiliate marketing online business model or any business ideas…

…It has to be long-term and it needs to be there for at least a year to 5 years.


Branding is not about your logo.

  • It’s all about what your authenticity shares with your traffic.

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