Affiliate Marketing Companies: 10 Fast & Highest Commission Payout

Affiliate marketing companies that has the fastest, highest payout is key as we’re an affiliate marketer, the faster the payout, the better.

In the blog post, you’ll find all the companies with the fastest and highest commission payout, and recurring commission payout as well.


you don’t have to promote these companies like you’re working at a job who only pay you 1% to 3% commission like Amazon associate.
With that said,

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The #1 Way to Collaborate with These Affiliate Marketing Companies

Before diving into these affiliate marketing, it’s important to know what to do.

But not to wake up every morning, trying to figure out which company you should be working with.

If you’re reading this blog.

  • Having a blog is key which works greatly together with any of these companies.

This would be the complete guide to start your blog.

What’s more?

  • Knowing how to build an ecosystem that allows you promote 1-product to get paid from multiple companies is key.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies with Fast and Highest Commission Payout



This is one of the best affiliate marketing companies every blogger is an affiliate of.

It is a hosting company that allow you to store website content.

  • A simple example would be this blog,

You’re getting paid on a yearly recurring basis and initially you’d get paid at 30% to 40% commission per sale.

A simple way to get paid from BlueHost is start a blog and write a step-by-step guide on how people can start their blog and include your affiliate link in there to get paid.

Finnally, BlueHost only payouts via Paypal.



HostGator is also a hosting company similar to BlueHost.

Whether you’d like to build a company online, build a website, producing website content, you’d need one of these hosting companies.

  • One of the best reasons to have a blog is to establish a good customer relationship and help improve your company revenue and conversion tremendously.

HostGator affiliate program is more difficult to join which is quite a long process to get approved since they have moved to new affiliate platform called ImpactRadius.

That gives a reason why more affiliate bloggers are more likely promote BlueHost.


As getting bigger, my site traffic increase to over 100k visitors per month.


  • SiteGround is another higher end hosting company which have a little higher cost than the above two affiliate marketing companies.

By promoting these hosting companies, they’re all have yearly recurring payout however for the latest update, always check with the affiliate marketing company.

SiteGround affiliate program is also an easy platform become an affiliate marketer, and even if you’re not a SiteGround customer,

You can still be able to join the affiliate program.


If you remember the ecosystem I mentioned, ClickBank is one of them.

ClickBank itself can promote 1-product and can get paid from multiple affiliate marketing companies that collaborate with them.


But they do not allow you with the option.

  • Obviously, when you’re pursuing an affiliate marketing, the goal is to have more time and not have to wake up daily to work.

As they don’t allow affiliate marketer to earn passive income online by promoting 1-product and to get paid from multiple companies.

The next company is the greatest upgrade from ClickBank.


Introducing the current ecosystem that allows you to get paid by promoting 1-product and to get paid form multiple affiliate marketing companies.


You can save so much of your effort by having that ability.

  • FourPercent is an online education company on sharing the proper way to do affiliate marketing and how to avoid pursuing your online journey without having to work like you’re in a corporate job.

A quick break down would be, let say you know these affiliate marketing companies will paid you only when you promote that company.

FourPercent packages all these companies in a box, and all you have to do is put your effort in sharing the box.

Not 10 different companies.

Get Started with FourPercent for Free.



ShareASale is another great affiliate marketing companies that is similar to ClickBank but they have more quality control.

  • If you’re look into all ClickBank Marketplace, majority of the products are low quality and when distribute them to the customer, they’d consider them as scam and that increase the company refund rate.

You can become an affiliate with a ShareASale easily, but getting approved to promote other affiliate marketing companies inside is quite difficult.

I’ll share an example with you next…



TailWindApp is software company that I’m using to set all my Instagram posts and Pinterest posts cross promote,

and having them pages gain Instagram followers and Pinterest followers on auto-pilot.

To be an affiliate with TailWindApp, you’d have to sign-up a ShareASale account and become a customer of TailWindApp in order to become an affiliate marketer of it.

However, this Instagram tool is free to get started.


At earth vessle, I share mainly all about how you can get more Instagram followers.


Ingramer is the all-in-one Instagram automation tool if you even plan to grow your IG page, it’s the best.

As this affiliate marketing company is new, they’re only restricted their affiliate program to a selected fews.

They have all the Instagram tools you need.

The greatest part is they are all-in-one place.

  • All Ingramer Instagram tools are allowed affiliate marketer to promote and get paid on a recurring basis, weekly, monthly or yearly.


ClickFunnels affiliate marketing company used to be easy to become an affiliate marketer but it’s a longer process to be in.


FourPercent collaborates with ClickFunnel and hundreds of other online marketing tools as when an affiliate marketer want to pursuit their affiliate marketing journey,

they’d need all those marketing tool to get started, if not a first few selecting tools for beginners.

  • That means when you have referred a customer to your own FourPercent’s circle,
  • Your customer would learn the step-by-step and how they can get started using.
  • Any marketing tools your customer use will help you generate affiliate marketing tools.
  • You don’t need to promote individual marketing tool.

Become an partner with FourPercent.

AWeber Advocate

AWeber another marketing tool you need, this affiliate marketing company is paying you on a recurring basis.

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

This is one of the marketing tools that all affiliate marketer needs.

  • When I encourage my readers to join the free udpates, they’d become one of my email subscribers and AWeber helps will storing the email.

Now instead of sharing this tool, FourPercent also collaborated with the company and share exactly how my customers should be using.

Affiliate Marketing Companies to Avoid.

Big company. – They’d have a lot more rules restricted for affiliate marketer, give them a hard time promoting those big company.

If you didn’t know during the pandemic, the coronavirus, amazon associate earning ability has gone from 5% – 7% to 1% – 3%.

That means when you’re planning to work with bigger affiliate marketing companies, you could expect be harder to get paid and lower commission payout.

Imagine you’re traveling and Amazon will the one and only payout method is paycheck.

You won’t be able to extend your travel time at all.


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