Top 5+ Affiliate Marketing Benefits to Getting Started Today

Affiliate marketing benefits has a ton of them.

But these are the top advantages and disadvantages being an affiliate marketer that’d benefit you.

In this blog post, you’ll find the most important benefits how you can use it to get started to build a business model around.

How convenient it is being an affiliate.

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Affiliate Marketing Benefits #1: You Don’t have to Create your own affiliate program

Yes, if you’re an affiliate blogger or new to the internet and want to start your own online business.

  • Having your own affiliate program or creating your own online course to sell requires experience.

Some people creates their own online courses with fluff in it to sell it, these groups of people consider to be a fake guru, and a scammer.

First you would need an online course before you can create an affiliate program to invite other business owners to become your online course’s affiliate marketer that promote the course for you to earn a 30 % to 50% commission from you.

On top of that, you’d have setup your own affiliate software so it can your affiliate marketers on autopilot.

If getting traffic is hard for then creating your products when first getting started is not advised.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits #2: Getting started in Affiliate Marketing Quickly

Next, getting started in affiliate marketing quickly.

  • Most people think they need to create a product or services before having your own online business up and running.

That is one of the biggest factor stopping them from getting started now, today.

With affiliate marketing, you can just start your own business now and join an affiliate program to become an affiliate marketer and start to paid immediately.

There are so many affiliate programs and the key to be online is to creating passive income on an autopilot that don’t require you to work like you’re in a corporate job…

…where you’d have to wake up every morning while getting stuck in traffic, then to get money.

  • With affiliate marketing, you can wake up every day and get paid continuously from the work your work and get money later on without having to work.

That’s called compounding effect.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits #3: Only Have to Worry About One Thing

With all affiliate companies, you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re in affiliate marketing.

  • The one and only thing you need is sharing your own affiliate links.

The product creator or online courses creators will take care of customer service and improving the product quality, sale conversion, etc.

Majority business owner starts as an affiliate marketer and as they creating more passive income, then they’d go on to create their own product.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits #4: Grow an Audience Faster with Affiliate Marketing

Whether you’re create your own affiliate program or own online course or being an affiliate marketer,

these both group need website traffic or finding customers to buy what they have to share.

As affiliate marketer, you’d remove the worry of creating your own products, maintaining product quality, and customer satisfactions,

  • but only focus on increase traffic to your own recurring passive income on autopilot affiliate program.

Getting traffic is the #1 problem everyone has and I’m currently partnered with FourPercent to give away a free traffic blueprint that you should get for free.


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Affiliate Marketing Benefits #5: You Get Paid on a Recurring Basis

There 2 types of programs that would either

  • paid per sale like if you sold an apple you’ll a small commission of your apple sold or

Getting paid on a recurring basis is one of the big factors of the compounding effects.

There are a lot of affiliate programs like ClickBank you can join.


  • A smarter way is joining an affiliate program that pay you without having to get affiliate traffic for each and individual affiliate program is key.

What do I mean?

You can join 100 affiliate programs while thinking you’re getting the highest paid,

But in actuality, you’d need to promote that 100 affiliate programs to get paid.

now imagine,

You can join 1 affiliate programs and only promote that one…

…to get paid from 100+ affiliate companies.

Another example,

  • ClickBank is an affiliate marketing company that allows other affiliate programs creators to get affiliate marketers like you and I to promote those ClickBank products.

Here’s a thing, product quality is important, which they don’t have.

Another thing,

you can’t get paid from other 100+ affiliate programs ClickBank creators if you don’t promote each of them.

Introducing FourPercent,


  • FourPercent collaborates with expert affiliate program creators and quality focus that allows you to only focus in getting traffic for 1 affiliate program and get paid from 100+ programs,
  • without having to promote each and individual product.


These smart techniques required experience, capital to setup, and time.

Simply get started here.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits #6: The Top Disadvantage

Being an affiliate marketer, the #1 barrier is when you’re promoting an affiliate program that is not trust worthy.

What do I mean?

  • They don’t help you track properly.
  • Not paying you commission.
  • Closing down their own affiliate program.

These are big problem in affiliate marketing that I experienced.

These happens when you’re an affiliate marketer of an un-trust worthy company.

Here are some signs:

  • They’re new.
  • Website designs look ugly.
  • Low quality products.

That’s the ultimate way to find out.

But imagine you’d have to experience that with 10 – 20 people like that.

I recommend you to get your free traffic blueprint and join this affiliate program.

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Conclusions. – Affiliate Marketing Benefits

There are a lot more affiliate marketing advantages and disadvantages.

But the thing is… by focus on getting traffic allows you to getting started quickly without worrying about too many things.

With that said,

To get started and become an affiliate marketer is learn how to get traffic to your own product.