Affiliate Blogger: 11+ Steps to Write an Affiliate Blog Post

As an affiliate blogger, getting paid on how to write an affiliate blog post is key to grow the blog in affiliate marketing.

But how would that post should be like?

How helpful enough is helpful to that affiliate sale quickly?

In this blog post, you’ll learn everything inside out for crafting a perfect affiliate blog post.

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Affiliate Blogger: What is an Affiliate Blog Post?

Now, this is key.

An affiliate blog post is where you introduce your favorite affiliate program to your readers then to get paid.

  • Writing an affiliate post doesn’t have to be difficult.

But it has a few tricks in place which I’ll address that below in this blog post.

The most important part is getting traffic, getting blog readers so then you’d could get traffic to what you write.

If nobody sees your post, getting paid in affiliate marketing is difficult.

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Next step is identifying which type of affiliate blog post you want to write…

Affiliate Blogger: 3 Types of Affiliate Blog Post

Product Reviews

Now let see if you become an affiliate marketer of any affiliate program, you can now do a product review as some people want to get in…

…but still skeptical and want more information about it.

  • This allows you have the opportunity to share your product give you the highest chance of people will going give you an affiliate sale.


It’s important not to overdo product reviews, as it’d turn your blog into a sale machine that nobody want to read.

Product Tutorials

This is a lighter version to the product reviews

  • as it shares with people how the product is functioning
  • instead of reveal and exposing affiliate products which some affiliate program might go against some policy or terms of service.

But with this product tutorials, you can simply share how to use the product.


This type of affiliate blog post might attract customers that already bought the affiliate product themselves.


This would help you gains tractions or word-of-mouth from people who appreciate your product tutorial.

When you gained more traction, as an affiliate blogger,

You have a higher chance to get more affiliate sales.

How To Posts or List Posts

These types of blog post is completely informational.

  • You could also have the affiliate links included but readers that look for this type of blog post, have a lower chance that person might be interesting in buying.

It’s important to have a mixed of different types of blog post.


As an affiliate blogger, most people easily make mistake by coming across too manipulative by placing too many affiliate links.

What’s more?

Check out all the step below…

Affiliate Blogger: 11+ Step to Write a Readable Affiliate Blog Post

Pick an Affiliate Program

I learned a lot of from this top affiliate.

  • Most of the affiliate programs are free to join.

This I might consider a mistake as an affiliate marketer made.


If you look at my resource page, you’d see a ton of marketing tools that I use at earth vessle.

  • In my opinion, promoting 10 different affiliate products, distracted so many people and not giving the exact solution they need.

Here’s what better…

Promoting 1-product to get paid from multiple companies – 125+ affiliate companies.


As an affiliate blogger, you already know that there are large number of tools we need, right?

Introducing FourPercent,


They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that you look into to 10x your website traffic.

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Create a Resource Page

If you haven’t had a resource page as an affiliate blogger, you’re missing out.

  • Most readers would want to know what your web hosting company is.

If you’re a fan of Neil Patel, I always wanted to know what his hosting company as he’s been a blogger for decades and would need a lot of space for content.

Not just web hosting, but other marketing tools that you can also list in the resource page as well.

As people reading your affiliate blog posts, and thanks to your effort which encourage them to check out your marketing tools,

Or they might event want to start a blog.

Avoid Banned by Spamming Affiliate Links

Imagine placing a ton of affiliate link using one of those types of affiliate blog posts?

Some readers wouldn’t be concern about it.

But as an affiliate blogger, you’ll need traffic coming from Google…

…and yes, they do not like to see too many affiliate link and they’d treat it as an advertising blog post.

That means,

  • Lower ranking, and less traffic.

Helpful Blog Post: Free Affiliate Programs: 0.50c Best Paid Per Free Sign Up

Reveal Authentic Product Benefits

This an important to writing a converting affiliate blog post.

When comes to reading, people could pick up the fake sense quickly, unlike watching a video or listening to something.

What’s more?

A lot of affiliate blogger are also in the affiliate marketing industry that would willing to reveal other affiliate product authentically.

Next, let’s get right into the important steps of writing an affiliate blog post.

Write a Great Headline

Having a great headline is key.

That’s what encourage people click thorough, then they read the introduction.

But if the headline is messy and confusing that doesn’t encourage clicking through, it’d be hard.


  • Keep your affiliate blog post headline short under 75 characters
  • Have numbers
  • And include a negative and a positive work in your headlines.


Keep your Blog Post Introduction


By having your introduction readable.

Similar to your headlines which lead the readers down to the introduction.

  • So as the introduction that lead to the main part of your affiliate blog post.

Keeping it short is key.

If you’re watching some YouTube video with a long intro…

…immediate they’d get complain in the comment or some people would leave quickly.

Write Short Paragraphs

Another important vital part of an affiliate blog post.

Writing paragraph.

at this point, this would be where you place your affiliate links.

Imagine looking at this comparison,


If you look at all my affiliate blog posts at earth vessle,

I don’t write a long paragraph to scare my readers away.

Draw Attention with Smaller Heads

Apart from short paragraph.

Imagine having a full blog post page with all short paragraph would eventually get your readers bored as well.


The one on the right is clearly a winner that you should model after.

Let’s make your affiliate blog post become even more digestible by adding subheadings.

Increase Your Affiliate Blog Post Size

This is important.

Regardless, how many short paragraphs and how many subheadings you’re adding into your affiliate blog post.

Or even yet…

It doesn’t matter how many affiliate links you added.

Your readers will have a hard time to see.


Instead of encouraging your readers to zoom in to read your affiliate blog post.

It’s better when you increase your blog font size in the first place.

Every theme should have the option that you can customize easily.

If your blog theme design doesn’t have it, switch over to this one…


Genesis Framework + Authority Pro that works well with Google traffic.

Wrap up Using Visual Elements


Visual elements are key to get a stronger attention from your readers.

Like they said

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Always try your best to add at least an image to your affiliate blog post.

Especially, when you’re describing an affiliate product in any affiliate marketing field…

…add some images to what you’re talking about.


Here’s a thing,

When adding visual elements to your affiliate blog post will slow down your page speed which Google doesn’t like it at all.

That means,

Less traffic and eyeballs or impression to your blog post.

The key is,

to finding balance between adding too many images or using no images at all.

Don’t use Big Words

Big words are for university student only.

  • When coming down to writing affiliate blog post, your words are key.


Using big words trigger your readers mind.

And when translate it using Google Translate,

Looks like they might not be coming back and continue reading again.

What’s more?

Using small words allows you to get your blog post done faster and move on to other marketing tasks such as growing your Instagram following.

In other words,

  • Write your affiliate blog post as if you’re conversating with your readers.

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Conclusions. – Affiliate Blogger

That’s all for this blog post.

When comes to affiliate marketing, pick your affiliate program is key before you even starting to write your blog post in any affiliate marketing niche.

With that said,

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FAQs. – Affiliate Blogger

What is Affiliate Blogging?

Affiliate blogging is when you’re writing affiliate blog posts and share your recommending product with your readers in exchange for small commission rate.

Can I do affiliate marketing on Blogger?

I don’t recommend doing affiliate marketing on Blogger as when you write blog post, you need to wait for a few months so people would find your affiliate blog post.

Who is the most successful affiliate marketer?

Most successful affiliate marketer to me is not how much money they make in affiliate marketing. But I know you’d also agreed on, how can those top affiliate marketers can help you – Continue reading.

How do you start a blog for free?

Yes, but I don’t recommend that route as you write an affiliate blog post, you need to time to get traffic or readers. The worst part is the company can take down your blog anytime they want.

How do I start a blog?

The important part is just having a good web hosting and setup which is free but the web hosting would cost you around 2.95/month. ­– Continue Reading.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Anybody or beginner bloggers can make money in many ways and affiliate marketing is one of them.