Add Music to Instagram Story: #1 Master Method.

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How to add music to Instagram story can never be easier.

As Instagram music limits this feature to a certain country on this planet, some people would think…

…music on Instagram gone,

but nope.

In this blog post,

I’ll show you how to add music to IG story and ignore Instagram even if they remove the feature.

If you’re read…

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Let’s get it.


Is Music on Instagram Story Gone?

Instagram features are released to country by country and that’s why question like “why music on Instagram story is gone for some reasons?”

Not just Instagram music feature itself, if you read this blog post New Instagram Update: For More Followers, No Banned. – you’ll find all the IG features that are newly released, this year.

But if…

You Can’t Add Music To Instagram Story Anymore?

You’ll explore an ultimate trick that you don’t even need Instagram music app itself so to add music to your story.

What’s more?

Add motion to your IG story so to get more followers and likes as well.

But never get trap into this #1 mistake…

Avoid Access Instagram Music If Not in your Region.

If you don’t want to get ban on Instagram is avoid using VPN to force Instagram music available in your region.

  • I’m sure you want more followers and likes on Instagram but Facebook and Instagram do not like using VPN to force the IG feature.

In fact, I shared a secret about how to update your Instagram app that if you’re updating the app is just the same as using VPN.


Instagram would treat your IG account like a new account due to you move to a different country using VPN.

  • VPN is private IP protection that you use to hide yourself around the world. For example if you’re in United States, you can use VPN to change your IP address to a different country like China or Africa, Korean, etc.

But what’s more? 

Overtime, if they see you login-in from multiple countries, that raised a red flag to Instagram.

Which I tried it before… no matter how careful you might be, somehow you’d make mistake and login in the app with either forget to turn on VPN or using a different country to login the IG app.

#1 Ultimate Instagram Music App Template to Add Music to Instagram Story.

Whether you can add music to Instagram story or enough, I’d prefer this method I’m to share with you…

…which give you more creativity for your IG story and more followers eventually.

Instagram story offers you with a limited number of features and that’s why I recommend you to use a free ultimate Instagram music app.



If you can’t find a certain song on Instagram music or looking on how to share Apple music on Instagram story,

you can use Moji to add the same song across multiple Instagram stories…

…while they have a better music database than then Instagram music library.

Before you go…

…check out these simple tricks to use the Instagram music app effectively.

  • Once you downloaded app.

Keep in mind, you can only upload 15s videos to your Instagram story,

That means if you’re designing Mojo IG story more than 15s videos, your IG story would be cut off.

 That’s all.

But if you’re Instagram music is available in your region you might want to check sever hacks below…

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FAQs. – Add Music to Instagram Story.

How to Add Your Own Music to Instagram Story?

Using the Instagram music app I recommended in this blog post allows you to use any Spotify music or your own music easily.

How to Add Music to Instagram Post Not Story?

You can only add music to a video as your Instagram post. If that’s the case, you’d have to use app for editing video for Instagram.

How to hide music sticker on Instagram story?

Simply add music sticker to your story and zoom it to the smallest size until you can’t see it.

How to avoid Instagram video music copyright?

It’s important you provide credit when using other people music or video.

Where is the Music Sticker on Instagram?

Add a photo to your Instagram story and swipe up to look for the music and when you selected a song, you’d see the photo album of the song and you can tap the album photo to change different style.

How to Add Music To Instagram Story With Lyrics?

Once you an Instagram story post, you can simply swipe up to add any song and the lyrics will automatically show for the particular song.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

You cannot do this, but here’s an ultimate trick, once you selected a song you want to use. Simply zoom the music sticker smaller to a point where you cannot see any more or drag it to the side of the screen.