Thanks for joining me, my name is Louis Huynh. I have a bachelor degree on generating traffic for all kinds online products or any niches ? either paid traffic/free traffic. I’m the owner of 2 Instagram pages under LocationToVisit which sadly, I forgot the password and earthvessle which, I’m currently building…

Life is 10% what happens to you ? 90% how you react to it.

I like body-building as my day-to-day activities ? I want to train until my idol becomes my rival, Jeff Seid.

Another one is basketball ? I play streetball and my ultimate goal is dunk… right now I’m grabbing on the basketball ring.

In the business side, I’m a 6-digits eCommerce dude (my eCom screenshot is located in one of Instagram pages). Currently, I’ve moved away from drop-shipping to the branding route which getting extremely competitive. The biggest problem I found in drop-shipping is most of my customers don’t receive their products (Right now, I’m not open to discuss anything about eCommerce).

? Don’t get fooled by big screenshot, you can see gurus make 2k daily, right?

…sometimes, they’re at a loss/breakeven/payment holds for 90 – 180days or even worst $50 profit at most plus they haven’t done the fulfillment process and future customer service whether their customers will receive their products, and over here posting on Social Media… “omg! waking up with 2k” then offer coaching call or sell you $100 course.

Fast forwards ⏭⏭⏭

I’ll be focusing on quality and providing free information on helping people building an online business and have more time do what they with their family ? right now, I’m building an ultimate team… just like a clone version of myself: I train people to thrive without their their up-line or only company products dependent… like without the company product, they completely flop. Especially, alot of new trading companies introduced 🙂

Do you believe teamwork? I used to be a one-man band, what I found is corruption. You work online to build time freedom, not 80 – 90 hours weekly grind, but it is long hour at first but later it’s all about a click of a button.

An example of teamwork ? I’ll show how to market your product online via Instagram. When 2+ people doing 1-thing, the result is dramatically different.

Learn how you can make your first $1000 on Instagram with 0 followers.

Are we looking forwards to have a chat? Reach out to me via Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter.