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Life is 10% what happens to you ? 90% how you react to it.

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Most people think they need a ton of followers in order to generate an income from any Social media platforms and specifically, Instagram.


I remember having an Instagram page @LocationToVisit at 70k+ followers refusing to accept brand collaborations knowing that I need more followers, but not until I forgot my login password.

That’s why I have to relaunch a new brand under earthvessle which only had 10k+ followers that bringing in over $1k a month just by posting story and downloading game. – This page has been sold.

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About Louis Huynh

Thanks for joining me, my name is Louis Huynh. I have a bachelor degree on generating traffic for all kinds online products or any niches ? either paid traffic/free traffic. I’m the owner of 2 Instagram pages under LocationToVisit which sadly, I forgot the password and earthvessle which, I’m currently building…

I like body-building as my day-to-day activities ? I want to train until my idol becomes my rival, Jeff Seid.

Another one is basketball ? I play streetball and my ultimate goal is dunk… right now I’m grabbing on the basketball ring.

In the business side, I’m a 6-digits eCommerce dude (my eCom screenshot is located in one of Instagram pages). Currently, I’ve moved away from drop-shipping to the branding route which getting extremely competitive. The biggest problem I found in drop-shipping is most of my customers don’t receive their products.


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